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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

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1 month ago @ 5:17PM

Virtual Reverse Raffle - 4/25 @ 7:00 pm on Facebook live

2020 SW Virtual Reverse Raffle Rules

The event will start with as many numbered balls in the hopper up to 300.  Balls are removed one at a time and eliminated sequentially.  The last ball remaining will be the ultimate winner. 

There are two Super balls.  The Super balls will be placed back in the hopper with only ten balls remaining.  In order to have a chance to win either Super Balls, you must purchase a RED or BLUE ticket by Friday,4/24@ 5pm of this week via our Venmo Account – see details below. 

With ten to go, we will then draw the winner of the RED and BLUE super balls.  They will then be placed back in the hopper with the ten remaining balls.

The last five remaining tickets holders will be attempted to be reached by us to see if they want to split the winnings.  If we can’t reach all 5, then we will automatically split.  If all 5 are reached, and one does not want to split, we will draw another ball out of the hopper.  This process will continue until all remaining tickets agree on a split.
Regardless of a split, we will draw down to the last and winning number for fun.

Opportunity to purchase Additional Raffle Tickets & the RED/BLUE Power Balls:

  1. We have 10 tickets to sell this week to get us to 225. This will maximize our cash give away to $10,000.
  2. Red and Blue Power Ball tickets-

           $5 (1Red/1Blue)
          $10 (2 Red/2 Blue)
          $15 (4 red/4 Blue)


How To Pay via VENMO:  Venmo App to purchase RAFFLE TICKETS OR POWER BALLS:
            1.         Open Venmo App (or download if don't have it)
            2.         Click button on far right TOP corner
            3.         Type in username Brindon-Christman or phone number 336-687-3311- click                                         see more results if it doesn't pop up.
            4.         Type in amount YOU ARE PAYING, what you are buying; I.e., RED/BLUE Tickets or  Raffle Tickets
            5.         Add payment info (bank account or credit card  (or select your payment if you                         already have the app) It may ask to verify that you paying the Brindon-Christman  (AKA SWGHS Athletic Booster Club)
            6.         Confirm and send your payment.
VIRTUAL DOOR PRIZES - We will be giving several prizes away during the raffle. Please tune in Saturday night at 7 PM on Facebook live. Your RAFFLE TICKET IS YOUR ENTRY FOR THE DOOR PRIZES.
Join us on Saturday, April 25th 7:00 pm for the Raffle

Questions/Concerns: Brindon Christman - or
Tom Grose -

Thank you for your support to the student athletes of SWGHS!

Southwest Booster Club

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