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Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Monday 8/30/2021 @ 5:00 PM
(H) vs Northern Guilford High School

Southwest Guilford High School 5
Northern Guilford High School 4

Aug 30, 2021


Coach, in reviewing historical data of the Nighthawks from the current season and even from last spring, knew it would be close.  On some courts, we looked the superior.  On others, not as much.  At Best, a 5-4 match….coach just didn’t know which way the “W” would fall.


Audrey is good.  As witnessed by previous writings the this and the past two seasons, Audrey has been undefeated in singles during reg season play.  The biggest hindrance this season has been entering the new 4A conference with limited exposure to the current set of top players.  So far she has toppled Western’s #1 (carry over from our PT3A conf), Page’s top player – major win, and two other #1’s at BMHS and HPC respectively.  We haven’t seen or heard much from Northern Guilford in past post season play, but as 5 o’clock approached, the ladies took to the courts to experience their strength first hand.

And to no one’s amazement except the Nighthawk’s #1, Audrey was the first player off.  She decimated her opponent 6-0, 6-0 in less than 56 mins with extended changeovers. 

Yeas reader, it was hot!  Caliente!  Unfortunately, coach doesn’t know the Spanish words for humid and miserable, 

Another Conference #1 down.  Only Northwest, Ragsdale, and Grimsley to go in her pursuit of top honors in conference.  Well played Audrey.

Tran too had her opponent’s number.  Tran has grown leaps and bounds in her tennis skill over her career.  Though not as hard hitting as her spunky opponent, Tran could direct the ball better and in turn, dictate the points.  This coupled with her consistency made all the difference as she won easily over her Nighthawk opponent 3 and 2. 

Grace Parsons…..dear goodness.  OK, here we go.  Coach had started growing his nails out.  A childhood bad habit that rears it’s ugly head once in a while if Coach is stressed or, well, when coach is stressed.  4 nails gone down to the quick.  Yes, thank you Grace.

Grace is still learning to implement her game.  As with most young players, practice is different from play.  Though there are elements of the practice in play, more often than not, play is a shadow of the promise shown in practice.  Understanding this, Grace held tight through the first set. 

On serve through the first 8 exchanges.  The Nighthawk held to go 4-5.  Grace faltered.  4-6 after the first set.  Reader, please note the time.  Audrey was off the court shortly before Grace’s first set was complete.  Yes, it was going to be a long one.  More to come.  The Maalox coach took mid set is wearing off…time to pop some Pepcid. 

Lauren ran afoul of a more consistent hitter.  Not feeling 100%, Lauren bravely took to the court to hold her spot to allow others to play their best down further.  Though play was good at times, the Nighthawk proved too much for Lauren as she succumbed to the purple banner 2 and 2.

Anna shot out of the gate with little resistance from the purple powerpuff girl….sorry, Nighthawk.  6-0 after the first and looking good…then the game shifted.  Her opponent had a developing, though not well-trained slice…almost unheard of in high school women’s tennis.  Yes, Audrey has one, a good one, but few other consistently can muster it during a match.  With the slice landing, Anna could not cover the shot fast enough having never seen this shot in competitive play.  Yes, Coach will work on that tomorrow in practice.  Befuddled, Anna only took 2 games as the Powerpuff girl took the second set.  Now into the 3rd set tiebreaker race to 10 points, Anna hustled, legs tired, mental energies expended already trying to cope with the weird slice bounce slide, stopping her feet just short of the ball, the ball bounced the other way, lost points, longer rallies, but in the end, the purple banner covered Anna in singles play as well.  6-0, 2-6, 7-10.  She will get her next time. 

Kate.  Sweet Kate.  Kate has also grown leaps and bounds in her play.  No, she is not challenging for top of the ladder, rather, she is very understanding of her shots, how they work, when they work, and how to extend their effectiveness.  Given she has a core set of 6 shots, these 6 shots she has great power over.  Kate was paired with a larger hitting, more aggressive counterpart.  On paper, Kate didn’t stand a chance.  But on the court, Though Kate can read very well, Kate simply played her game.  The Nighthawk was use to bigger hitters…players she could steal a bit of their energy and use as her own…but not weaker hitting players.  Kate played safe, extended her shots, slowed the pace and rocked the Nighthawks world 6-3 in the first.

Confident, and rightly so, Kate took the game plan from the first set and copied it to her second set approach…and the wheels came off quick.  With Kate hitting out more, this fell more so into the Nighthawk’s hitting wheel well.  Before Kate knew it, she was down 0-3.  Desperate not to go to another tiebreaker as she did v Western, coach swooped in.  With the cape still flapping and the leggings bunching, Coach told Kate to slow it down.  Stop hitting out, pull back the shots…do what gave her success initially in the match.  And she did just that.  Stopping her counterpart cold (figurative…it was still hot outside), Kate made the climb back.  1-3, 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-4, 5-4, and taking the match against a harder hitting though not more consistent player, Kate earns another singles victory.  It is good to knock off a better player!  6-3, 6-4.

Back to Grace.  Coach’s chat consisted of asking if Grace saw that (the match) was doable.  She said yes.  With other confidential info told through the whisper-ma-phone (“for the secrets I tell are for your ears alone.”), Grace set off.  Adjusting her hitting she tore through the Nighthawk leaving her speechless.  Winning the second 6-2 and so pumped, headed straight into the tiebreak. 

1-0,Great start!

1-1,It’s ok, you got this

1-2, third nail gone

1-3, danger danger will robinson

1-4, there is still time

1-5, 4th nail

1-6, Coach felt sick. Should we lose this, the Cowgirls would be even with the Nighthawks going into Dubs….Dubs is not a strong suit this season for the Cowgirls.  We needed a cushion.

1-7.  There are four letter words that coach entertained saying out loud….coach needs a blanket, a french fry, and a hug.

2-7.  unenthusiastic…”go grace”

3-7.   hope?

4-7.  What dark arts has she been practicing?

5-7 holy sh……!                              Clearly s…..! equates to Shmuckerbutt!

6-7.  OMG!

7-7.  Note to self, ask Christman to restock the top shelf adult beverages in the tennis shed for close matches…I see a trend.

8-7.  Coach is near giddy.

9-7.  Near silence

10-7 in the third…beating her longest match of the season record held since last Wednesday by 1 minute, Grace does the near unthinkable and pulls a well earned victory from a too eager Nighthawk given the Cowgirls a 4-2 edge after singles play.  3-6, 6-2, 10-7 2 hrs 12 mins


Needing only one more victory to clinch the match, Nighthawks had to sweep dubs to win. 

Lauren and Rachael Dee took to court 3.  Consistency was the downfall of the Cowgirls here.  They had good shots, but couldn’t manage a rally long enough to pull their opponents in to win.  2-8.

Tran and Grace fought but had focus issues.  Chalk it up to the length of the match, time of the evening, warm milk and cookies on the bench for after the match (just kidding…coach would have demolished them during Grace’s match without reservation) but movement wasn’t the best and crispness of shots had something to be desired.  Half the match they were in it…and the lull effectively killed their chances at a win. 

Audrey and Anna.  Did they do it?  Did the Cowgirls take the win on court 2 and thus the match overall….Yes.  But reader please hear this.  Audrey had her shots because she is Audrey.  But Anna really shined this match.  From court coverage to effective net play, from good crosscourt serve returns to finesse shots when it counted, Anna drove a increasing number of points earned into her category.  This duo has been a great team and really helped improve the level of play from Anna. 


The Cowgirls earn the win from great play all around. 

Cowgirls over the Nighthawks 5-4 in conference play.

Cowgirls move to 3-2 on the season and 2-1 in conference.


Cowgirls will play host to Southeast Guilford on Wednesday.  If weather, then Thursday.

Thank you for reliving the action of the match through eyes.




Audrey Serb (sw) over Carman Wallace (NG) 6-0, 6-0

Tran Nguyen (sw) over Mallory Parr (NG) 6-3, 6-2

Grace Parsons (SW) over Cassie Townes (NG) 3-6, 6-2, 10-7

Sophia Davis (NG) over Lauren Harris (sw) 7-2, 6-2

Anna Pope (NG) over Anna McGinnis (sw) 0-6, 6-2, 10-7

Kate Cherry (sw) over Megan Mascia (NG) 6-3, 6-4


Sw up 4-2 after singles


Wallace/Parr (NG) over Nguyen/Parsons (sw) 8-4

Serb/McGinnis (sw) over Davis/Townes (NG) 8-2

Pope/Mascia (NG) over Harris/Rachael Dee (sw) 8-2


Cowgirls win an extremely tight conf match against an wonderfully skilled team.


Cowgirls improve to 2-1 in conference play and 3-2 overall.


Cowgirls will play host to Southeast Guilford Wednesday

SWG Tennis Courts