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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

5 months ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. East Forsyth HS School

Game Date
Aug 26, 2019


Aug 26

Southwest Guilford playing host to East Forsyth

SW over East Forsyth 5-4 in non-conference action


Rebekah Gaines (EF) over Audrey Serb (SW) 8-0

McKinley Rice (EF) over Christina Alentino (SW) 8-2

Meghan Whalen (SW) over Ryan Mabe (EF) 8-2

Ellie Zaidi (EF) over Gretchen Cross (EF) 8-4

Annie Vo (SW) over Janis Antonas (EF) 8-1

Nicole Sopala (SW) over Christina Veloz (EF) 8-4



Gaines/Zaidi (EF) over Serb/Vo (SW) 8-6

Whalen/Cross (SW) over Rice/Mabe (EF) 8-4

Sopala/Tran Nguyen (SW) over Veloz/Dudley (EF) 8-5


Weather was cool, the clouds threatened, but we were able to proceed with the match today.


The Cowgirls were playing host to the Lady Falcons of East Forsyth tonight


The Cowgirls line-up for tonight:

1/ Audry Serb (9th) 

2/ Christina Alentino (10)

3/ Meghan Whalen (12)

4/ Gretchen Cross (12)

5/ Annie Vo (11 - Mai’s little sister - early college)

6/ Nicole Sopala (11 - Early College)


Lanie Van Dorp sat out tonight to rest up after an incredible first day.  She will join us for the NW match tomorrow.


Having rained all last week, many of the Cowgirls had not taken to the courts for over 9 days.  I love the rain.


Audrey brings a tournament ready mentality to the #1 court.  Unfortunately, Audrey rain directly against EF’s #1, Rebekah Gaines (11th).  Rebekah is highly ranked in the USTA jr’s. Though Audrey fought hard and played her opponent point for point, Audrey was little match to Ms. Gaines power and placement.  But don’t worry Cowboy Nation, as explained to Audrey in her after play debrief, this will be Audrey in the next two years. Yes, there is a lot to look forward to on the courts of SW.


Christina also fought hard, but couldn’t land her shots as the #2 from EF gained momentum and eventually won the match.


Meghan started slow, but quickly dialed in her opponent, moving up to the net, and executing powerful volleying ability, edged past and secured the victory 8-2.


Hoping to secure the bottom 4 courts and go into dubs with a cushion, Gretchen’s game felt a bit rusty from the rain and the start of the school year.  Holding tight in the opening sequence of games, simply put, her opponent kept it on the court and in play more than Gretchen did. Not to worry folks, I stayed for the dubs and know how this ends. (We win).


Vo and Sopala easily sprinted ahead in their respective matches and held their leads and ultimately secured their victories.


After singles:3-3.

The race is to 5 matches secured wither in singles or combined with dubs.

In short, the Cowgirls would need to win 2 of the 3 courts to take home the victory tonight.




Sopala/Tran Nguyen


Serb/Vo are an untested duo.  Edging out Whalen/Cross in their challenge match in pre-season, they took to the courts as #1 dubs.  


Staying competitive in the opening games, Serb/Vo began playing to the weaker opponent, keeping hotshot Ms Gaines away from the ball.  And it worked. Playing excellent cross court shots and better than average net game these two Cowgirls were able to secure the lead at 6-5.  Unfortunately, Ms Gaines decided that was enough and extended her game to include much of her partner’s court for the come back and win. Serb and Vo played incredible teamwork as well as placement shots to force the EF’s #1 dubs hand.  Way to go Cowgirls!


Whalen/Cross also played competitively in their opening games.  Shaking off the rust from singles, Gretchen began hitting out a bit more while Whalen continued her dominance with her approaches and net play.  Lifting, pushing, keeping the Lady Falcons on their heels, this duo began the game spread and eventually captured their match 8-4.


Now tied at 4-4, #3 dubs would decide the outcome of the match.


Please understand that Sopala and Nguyen are untested, unproven, relative newbies to competitive play.  So I rolled the dice.


Playing a bit scared, tentative, and all too cautious, #3 dubs of Sopala/Nguyen traded the lead in their match.  Finally settling in for the duration, with shots sound and a better front to their net play, the Cowgirls took the lead at 5-4 and finished off the Lady Falcons, not only winning their match, but also securing the team victory overall.


5-4 Cowgirls over the Lady Falcons.


Cowgirls notch their first win in as many games and will play host to NW tomorrow.
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