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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

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Game Summary

5 months ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. HS Point Central HS School

Game Date
Aug 28, 2019


Aug 28 v HPC


SW Cowgirls sweep the Lady Bison 9-0 in non-conference tennis action


Returning to seasonal norms in temperature and sunshine, the SW Cowgirls readied themselves in anticipation of hosting the Lady Bison of HPC after the rain out at HPC last week.


The Cowgirls had all but Annie Vo in their line up.  Silly academics and Early College. We will hear from her in future postings.


Unsure of the strengths of the Lady Bison, the Cowgirls took to the courts at full swing.  


And did they power through.  


The short of it all.  Though the Lady Bison had competent games, they were just outmatched by the strength and depth of the Cowgirls.  To their credit, they had some impressive games down the line, but the Cowgirls were there to answer almost every shot taken.


In Singles, the Lady Bison only managed two games in total against the Cowgirls.


Singles 6-0


Having secured the match, I dropped out Dubs #1, pushing up Meghan Whalen and Gretchen Cross back to their old position last year.  Brain farting early in the match, they never were behind, finishing their opponents off with the next four games against HPC’s #1 & 3 seeds.  #1 court final score, 8-4


Hopefully giving Nicole Sopala and Tran Nguyen a better challenge, Coach put them in the #2 dubs spot.  Apparently they were up to it. They dropped but one game in their 8-1 victory.


This gave opportunity to some of the mid seeds to show their stuff in varsity action.  Maggie Mugi (Early College) and Bea Calwitan. No Problem here! This duo blitzed their opponents 8-1 as well.


Dubs 3-0.


Overall 9-0.


Cowgirls improve to 2-0 in non-conference play.


Thursday, Aug 29 the JV Cowgirls play host to the JV Lady Cougars of HPCA


Audrey Serb (SW) over Olivia Perez (HPC) 8-0

Christina Alentino (SW) over Elizabeth Boger (HPC) 8-0

Meghan Whalen (SW) over Rachel Eskew (HPC) 8-1

Lanie Van Dorp (SW) over Taylor Jones (HPC) 8-0

Gretchen Cross (SW) over Sarah Faith Arros (HPC) 8-1

Nicole Sopala (SW) over Marie Rosine Thyikunde (HPC) 8-0


Whalen/Cross (SW) over Perez/Eskew (HPC) 8-4

Sopala/Tran Nguyen (SW) over Boger/Caroline Boger (HPC) 8-1

Maggie Mugi/Bea Calwitan (SW) over Jones/Arros(HPC) 8-1


The Lady Bison drop their season opener and the Cowgirls climb to 2-0 in non-conference play.
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