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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

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Game Summary

5 months ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. East Forsyth HS School

Game Date
Sep 4, 2019


Sept 4, 2019


Cowgirls traveled to the Lady Eagles of East Forsyth in non conference tennis action


It was hot.


So hot that WSFCS issued a heat advisory.  Within the hour, SWG issued their own.


The Cowgirls were able to begin their match shortly after 5:30 this evening.


If you remember from last week, the Lady Eagles traveled to us and showed themselves very well.  Their #1 was untouchable. This pushed their talent down and they really gave us a run for our money with the Cowgirls narrowly defeating them 5-4 by claiming two dubs.


Tonight was another story.  The Eagles #1 was resting after a tough conference match yesterday.  Though she won it convincingly, the heat and effort took a heavy toll going into today’s non-conference match.  In short, she rested and the rest of the Lady Eagles had to play up.


The Cowgirls were without Christina at #2 due to illness.  Backup to the top 6 Nicole was out due to school related joys.  Though we were two out of the top six in effect, we had talent downstream to supply our needs.


With the Eagles #1 out, Audrey had little issue building her points and bringing her opponent the immense displeasure of being tugged back and forth across the court due to Audrey’s shots.  



Meghan stepped up nicely, controlling most of the points from the get go.  Looking down court, Meghan was able to see the shots, anticipate the returns, carve her way to the net, and dominate from both the net and baseline.  Footwark. It all comes down to footwork.

Well done Meghan.  8-2


Lanie joined out ranked tonight after having to miss the first visit from the Lady Eagles.  Lanie too pulled her opponent to and fro, deep and short. No. her opponent had little chance.

8-2 victory.


Gretchen had the match of the night.  Gretchen fell behind early in the match 1-2.  Her opponent hit a shorter ball and could rally a bit.  Coach expressed to Gretchen she would need to take one more step to the ball and be willing to play it out….a consistency game of more than just 2-3 shots and a win/loss.  And that is exactly what she did. She stepped up and was able to get her balls back in the court. By hitting to the side instead of out front, Gretchen eliminated the shot lobs and “back” calls and taking a small bit off of her shots, began playing her opponent shot for shot.  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 shots or more for each point. No, this wasn’t the fastest match in the world, but by playing her opponent and forcing her to play it out, Gretchen found a lovely rhythm and forced her game on her opponent, giving her the advantage and ultimately the win.

Well played Gretchen!



The sad news of the night was one of our favorite Early College kids, Annie Vo, when going back to take a backhand, she went down after a not so nice knee twist.  After the initial evaluation from the trainer, it is definitely tweaked. Something about the Interior, majorier, meniscus, antebellum, posthumous. Apparently there isn’t much knowledge needed to be a first responder and medical terminology was very low on the qualifications needed.  In short, I could have misremembered the diagnosis that was offered.  


At the time of this writing, Annie’s knee still hurts, but should it persist until morning, she will be carted off to she the otho specialist.  One of the cowgirls is her neighbor and vowed to make her cookies tonight. Many prayers and much thought for Annie.  

0-3 retired


Tran Nguyen was a new addition to the top 6 for tonight.  On par with Nicole, Tran stepped in without a hitch. Controlling the entire game, Tran used her aggressiveness to her advantage winning 8-0.


Cowgirls take the victory 5-1 in singles play.



Since the Cowgirls won the match, Coach fed 6 of the remaining 7 ladies into dubs and sat the top 6.


Bea Cawitan (Fun size) and Lauren Harris teamed up on Dubs court #1.

Rachel Eaton/Avery McCaskill on court #2

Sandra Striletchi/Kate Cherry on court #3.


Seeing I was playing down to the bottom of my roster, the EF coach was generous and also played down to his 4-9 seeded players.  Understand I was playing my 10-15th seeded players.  


Honestly, I thought they had a chance…...oh, it sounded as if I didn’t have faith in my own team.  Sorry. No. I thought the Lady Eagles had a chance. Nope. the Cowgirls shut that door pretty quickly.  Coach was remarked as saying the Lady Eagles were very nice and did push us in most points if not games.  


6-0, 6-4, 6-0 were the scores across the dubs courts.  Eaton/McCaskill played the most competitive dubs match, giving and taking, but ultimately using their skills to ward off the Eagles in way to their victory.


Cowgirls finish the night 8-1 and rise to 4-0 on the season.


The Cowgirls will not travel to Smith tomorrow since Smith doesn’t have a team, but will travel to the Lady Hornets of Western Guilford on Monday.


Let’s just hope Dorian continues off in her path and leaves us alone.


Audrey Serb (SW) over McKinley Rice (EF) 8-2

Meghan Whalen(SW) over Ryan Mabe (EF) 8-2

Lanie Van Dorp (SW) over Ellie Zaidi (EF) 8-2

Gretchen Cross (SW) over Jane Antonas (EF) 8-5

Christina Veloz (EF) over Annie Vo (SW) 3-0 retired injury

Tran Nguyen (SW) over Anna Dudley (EF) 8-0



Bea Calwitan/ Lauren Harris (SW) over Christina Veloz/ Anna Dudley (EF) 6-0

Rachel Eaton/ Avery McCaskill (SW) over Jane Antonas/ Makayla Kennedy (EF) 6-4

Sandra Striletchi (SW) over Keri Weddle/ Catherine King (EF) 6-0
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