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Game Summary

2 months ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Mount Tabor HS School

Game Date
May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021 

Cowgirls fall to Mt Tabor in conference tennis action 


Before any match, game, contest, there is always an air of hope.  Tonight was no different.  Their top 5 was relatively unchanged.  Our top 5 had changed drastically, but again, there is always hope. 


Court 1 – Little mess, little fuss.  Serves dominant from Sophomore Audrey, play well put together.  Though Ms. Salt (MT) was able to get her racquet on the ball, she was held to a defensive position.  The two games earned overall were more so a gift from Audrey due to small changes in her game trying to optimize her hits in anticipation of the next match.  Perfunctory…not quite, but neither was this a real challenge to Audrey’s skills.  1 and 1. 


Court 2 – The pendulum swinging wildly from definitive win to a loss, Annie could do little to stop the tide of the Mt Tabor girl.  Though I would love to saw the action was intense and the play near perfect, it was not the case.  The Tabor girl was a wall and Annie’s corners were marginalized to the center.  Much like the House in Vegas, the wall shows no favorites and it will always win.  With her shots muted, Annie falls 1 and 0. 


Did anyone order a tiebreaker?  Two perhaps?  They are on special this week! 


Court 3 – Dominant in the first set, Tran set to task in the second.  A change up in the play of her opponent unfortunately did a rope a dope number on Tran.  Shifting strategies, but always a step behind, Tabor devastated Tran in the second and claw as she may, Tran could hold her lead, nor serve as she fell 6-2, 0-6, 6-10 in the third set tiebreaker. 


Court 4 – yes…another Tiebreaker!  Dominant in the first set, the ball rising to meet Nicole’s racquet, deep in court placement and angling for the corners, Nicole could do little wrong.  And then….a change up.  Reader, do not think too little of Nicole’s ability.  Major league hitters get thrown by change up pitches.  In tennis, it takes a bit longer to adjust….for some, even longer.  This change up threw Nicole.  The ball no longer rose to the sweet spot on her racquet…Tabor’s balls arrived short on delivery, Nicole’s responses sailed long or in the net.  Unable to adjust, she lost the second set.  Into the third set tiebreaker, Nicole regained he composure, but the Tabor girl kept her guessing with sound but varying shots….Nicole falls 6-4, 2-6, 8-10.  So close! 


Court 5 – Maggi could do little to stop the very consistent, bigger hitting, and corner reaching and lob throwing Tabor girl.  Dropping the first, we had a chat.  And it began to turn.  Though coming up short, Maggi held tight, keeping serve and putting the pressure on the Mt Tabor.  Still on serve at 5-5, Tabor holds and for the match, Maggi’s serve is broken.  It was a very good second set.  Maggie falls 0-6, 5-7. 


Court 6 – Shaini fought hard against a player much like herself having only begun tennis during covid.  A bigger hitter.  A more consistent hitter.  Have I told you about Mt Tabor’s #6’s court movement…yeah, that was impressive too….but Shaini held tightly.  On serve for most of the first match, only losing her serve in the last game.  5-7.  Fighting hard once more, the outcome the same, but close…4-6.  Oh to close out a match.  This comes from playing time alone. 


As with the last 4 matches, we need to see the change up more quickly and adjust sooner and in doing so, shutting the door to the opponent’s break through and eventual eating of our lunch.  Silly “Pic-a-nic basket” stealing bears.  The Ranger is not happy.   

Losing in singles is always a gut punch.  4 opportunities, two, possible three near conversions…the Cowgirls were in it all the way.  Tabor just beat us to the punch. 



Coach changed up the pairings in anticipation of conference tourney, partnering the two singles candidates together and allowing the dubs parings to show their wares. 


Court 1, New as a pairing, Nicole and Audrey were dominant from the baseline, allowing the Mt Tabor girls to all but take possession of the net and then pushing them back with well executed lobs or simply powering through them.  Though the Spartans saw 4 points on their side of the board, I would chalk a few of those up to working out kinks in the Cowgirl pairing.  When given a chance to attack the net, the Cowgirls allowed no quarter as they approached or held their positions taking all challenges.  Cowgirls take it 8-4.  One more note.  Audrey earned another doughnut tonight with her excellent shot selection.  In the Cowgirl culture, if she makes it to 12 in a season, she earns her Krispy Kreme Hat!   


Court 2 – Dear reader, please understand dubs is fraught with dangers.  Net play can be hazardous to your health.  The constant threat of having a target locked on your upper body and head does not put net players at ease.  After the first three games, the Cowgirls opted to play from the baseline – coming in and making plays as the return dictated….and by the way, they were taking on Mt Tabor’s #1 and 5…two excellent and large hitters as noted above. 


Though not preferred, baseline in dubs play can be advantageous when A/ your baseline shots (passing, down the middle, lobs) are a strength and B/ when the competition’s strength isn’t weird angle that do not allow you time to set up. 


In short, Cowgirls saw a renewed confidence in their shots, shot selection, and extending out the points.  Yes, an improvement of their game score as well.  Though they didn’t take the win, the net effect was only one loss of serve and they fell 5-8.  As noted on court 1….this was a new pairing….one that Coach will most likely keep for the season. 


Court 3 – Maggi and Shaini.  Losing Ms. Ivers (court 3 singles) to rest for an upcoming track meet on Friday, Maggi and Shaini faced off against the newly minted player from court 6 and Tabor’s #7 seed.  No.  Tabor’s talent doesn’t fall off until #10.  Down initially, Shaini and Maggi fought and broke back.  Overwhelmed at the net, the Cowgirls conceded that territory to the Spartans and opted to attack from the baseline.  Pulling wide and deep the Cowgirls held out hope, but the lob did them in.  Not able to add enough vertical AND horizontal to their return shots off of behind the baseline play, the Spartans chipped away at the Cowgirls strength.  Unable to cover the shorter balls, the Cowgirls fall 5-8 on court 3. 


Again, hope.  There is hope and promise in the play of these young ladies.  Tonight was not the night we could put the puzzle together before the final point was played. 



The Cowgirls fall 2-7 in a hope filled match to conference rival Mt Tabor. 


Tabor rises to 2-0 on the season and the Cowgirls fall to 2-3 overall, 0-1 in conference play. 


The Cowgirls will play host to the Lady Mustangs of Parkland High School (conference) today in a rain rescheduled match from Monday.  Before you leave for the day, try to pop out and support the ladies. 



Audrey Serb (SW) over Meg Salt (MT) 6-1, 6-1

Madison Rabold (MT) over Annie Vo (SW) 6-1, 6-1

Chelsea Ivers (MT) over Tran Nguyen (SW) 2-6, 6-0, 10-6

Audrey Lloyd (MT) over Nicole Sopala (SW) 4-6, 6-2, 10-8

Ella Rose (MT) over Maggi Mugi (SW) 6-0, 7-5

Hannah Petty (MT) over Shaini Lal (SW) 7-5, 6-4



Serb/Sopala (SW) over Rabold/Llyod) (MT) 8-4

Salt/Rose (MT) over Vo/Nguyen (SW) 8-5

Mary Poyner York/Petty (MT) over Mugi/Lal (SW) 8-5


Cowgirls fall 2-7 to the Spartans of Mt Tabor in Conference Women's Tennis action
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