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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

8.0 months ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Grimsley HS School

Game Date
Sep 29, 2021

Sept 30, 2021


Cowgirls travel to Grimsley in hopes of toppling Conference #2 in W Tennis


Losing 4-5 last meeting with 4 tiebreakers and a spread of only 3 points to have taken the match, Coach was hopeful about today’s match.


Audrey blitzed Aurora 0 and 0 in just 34 mins.  Aurora had little in her play to come against a focused Audrey.  ‘nough said. 

Tran, Today was her Birthday!!!!

Last time: having lost in a break of serve the first set and 5-7 in the second, prepared to do battle.  And that she did.  Taking her opponent to task the first set 6-2, The Whirlie gained gumption and legwork returning the favor 0-6 in the second.  After Coach was able to chat with Tran concerning the “new” shot her opponent had introduced and had beaten Tran by in the second, Tran readied for the 3rd set tiebreaker.  Picking it up 3-3 after the first changeover, Points continued to be long and epically awesome.  It was solid hitting from both sides, deep balls….there were no lofty pie shots. 











8-9 set and match point for Girmsley

9-9 SAVED!!!

10-9 One more!





11-13 and that was the match.

No Tran didn’t win, but she did outplay her opponent and thrusted her game upon the Whirlie.  Though Grimsley takes the “W” from court 2, Tran walks away tired, a bit defeated, but glowing nonetheless because of the monstrous game she brought and held on Court 2.    

Coach expects Tran to enter the Conference tourney in Singles.  I want to see a third time rematch of this court.  Tran, you will take her then!

Lauren, feeling a bit under the weather (not COVID! – just wanted to make that perfectly clear), took to the court.  Thinking she would have to play against a new foe, Grimsley fooled her!  Just as Lauren and Grace had swapped for the Cowgirls, so too did the line up for the Whirlies.  Their 3/4   swapped… soooooo…Lauren got to play her special someone (sarcasm dripping from every typed word) from last go.  Barely being edged last round 5-10 in the third, Lauren moved and hit like she has never before.  Coach will mention this again later in the reading, but tonight was the best hitting the Cowgirls has had this season, top down across singles and dubs.  Court 3 was no exception.  Weary from fatigue, Lauren kept hitting.  Just as in Tran’s match, very little of the court remained untouched by either footwork or ball placement.  Up and Back, left and right…yes, another playing twin.  Losing the first set 4-6 off her last service game, Lauren continued strong in the second set.  On serve throughout, Lauren evens it up at 6-6 (6 all) forcing a tiebreaker.  Though holding close, the fatigue and general feeling of “ug” got the best of Lauren and the Whirlies takes this match too 4-6, 6-7 (4-7).  What a battle from Lauren!

Grace, now #4, played her same rival from last dual-team match.  Though she played very well and forced her opponent to abandon her game and begin playing Grace’s, the magical wax had run out.  Grace’s serve was impressive throughout and her play showed great signs of development over the past weeks, so too her opponent showed improvement and was able to outlast Grace to the end.  3-6, 2-6.

Anna also played her same rival.  So too, like her sister teammates, this Whirlie had improved dramatically.  Jumping up early in the first, Anna could do little save for deflect and play defense.  Chatting with Coach after the first set, it was advised Anna begin a plan of action.  Instead of returning, praying, running, hitting, praying…etc.  Have a game plan as to what her next 2 – 3 shots will be if on any given side (Forehand/backhand).  And this she did.  Anna is sooooo receptive to coaching!  Her mid-game shifts really looks like Coach knows something.  Though the direction of the match didn’t change course, the flow rate of the match greatly reduced.  Points were longer, Anna took many games to deuce, like Grace, Anna forced her opponent to alter her game to overcome her own.  Dictating strings of points rather than prayerful wishes of individual shots, Anna moved her rival around and began edging closer to her level.  Again, the direction of the river didn’t change, but Anna, only a freshie, learned an entirely new level of play tonight.

Kate played an entirely new Whirlie.  Evan was beautiful in her play and spirit.  Though possessing a much larger game than Cowgirl Kate, Kate held fast to her.  And like everyone of the Cowgirls before her, played some of the best tennis tonight as they have all season.  3-6, 3-6, but a great match top watch.


Having lost the match 1-5, there was no hope of securing a victory.  From 4 tiebreakers down to two, Credit to Grimsley and the Whirlies for playing an excellent game and for raising their game going into the last weeks of the season.  Yes, we all get better throughout simply due to the regular hitting, but Grimsley stepped it up, outpacing the Cowgirls for the second time.

Don’t worry reader…there is still dubs action to review!

Still playing our traditional dubs line-up, Tran and Grace, coming off of incredible game play took to the court focused as they have not been before.  On serve through the first three exchanges of serve, The Cowgirls held and broke convincingly.  Holding that fire beneath each other, they began to pull away from the Whirlies. 

Though an entirely new dubs lineup across all three courts, Grimsley has depth.  In fact, both Page and Grimsley can field two varsity teams and play competitive with the entire conference with their “B” teams. 

The Cowgirls kept the pressure on the Whirlies, pulling them wide with shots down the line, masterfully crafted lobs just over the net player and serves/play that would make you cry due to the consistency, pace, and placement of the shots.  The Cowgirls had the Whirlies number and let their entire team know who reigns in dubs play.  8-4.  A great ending to birthday Girl Tran’s night of play and of course, that of her co-conspirator and dubs partner Grace. 

Audrey and Anna also traded shots and a bit of head-hunting from across the net throughout the match.  On serve at 3-2, the Cowgirls break the Whirlies to go up 4-2.  Shots were simply unleased by both sides in a power game Coach hadn’t seen from both dubs teams all season.  Low, fast, great direction, the game became one of attrition, touch, and net play.  And both sides wanted a piece.  Holding and taking another break to go up 6-2, the Whirlies mounted a counterattack.  Grimsley holding, breaking the Cowgirls serve, holding again, the Cowgirls needed to pull up and out of this spiral.  6-5.  A multiple deuce service game, Anna Holds, 7-5.  Grimsley facing a loss on court 1 and possible two, poured it on.  Two mistakes in shots selection from the Cowgirls and now 7-6.  Audrey to serve.  Head clear and mind focused, Audrey’s bombastic serve took the first and third points easily and the great baseline play from Audrey and net reflexes of Anna sorting the chaff from the wheat and oh look!  The Cowgirls take court 2 8-6.

Unfortunately, Lauren and Rachel had a harder time of it all.  Though pumped by her play in singles, the ug crept closer and affected play on Court 2.  Solid at the net and swift in their baseline play, the Whirlies had the advantage.  The Cowgirls began playing their strengths of rallies and down the line shots, but the Grimsley foes would have none of that.  The Cowgirls managed to hold one service game but that was it.  1-8.


Grimsley overcomes the Cowgirls 3-6 in a high energy, great night of play.


Cowgirls drop to 5-6 in conference and 7-8 overall.


They will host the Tigers of Ragsdale on Monday, travel to NW Wednesday and NG on Thursday.

Three more matches in the regular season.


Let’s Go Cowgirls!


Audrey Serb (SW) over Aurora Milholin (G) 6-0,6-0

Cambree Spencer (G) over Tran nguyen(SW) 2-6, 6-0,1-0(13-11)

Josie Schneiderman (G) over Lauren Harris (SW) 6-4,7-6(7-4)

Lindsay McRae (G) over grace Parsons (SW) 6-3,6-2

Sophia Philips(G) over Anna McGinnis (Saw) 6-1,6-2

Evan Bishop (G) over Kate Cherry (Saw) 6-3,6-3



Nguyen/Parsons (SW) over McRae/Mallory Barajet (G) 8-4

Serb/McGinnis (sw) over Philips/Hannah Hillebie (G) 8-6

Rlly Martin/Morgan Hall (G) over Harris/Rachael Dee(SW) 8-1


Grimsley over the cowgirls 6-3 in conference tennis action.


Cowgirls drop to 5-6 in conference 7-8 overall