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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

5.0 years ago @ 10:30PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Williams HS School

Game Date
Oct 16, 2018


Oct 16/18

1st Round play of Dual Team

Burlington Williams


The Cowgirls enter into the 1st round of Dual Team Tennis action with a 17-2 record with the only two losses this season to Conference rival Mt Tabor.


Having earned a playoff berth as a wildcard [our conference only has 1 entry into Dual Team], the Cowgirls traveled to Burlington Williams  - the Lady Bulldogs.


Playing at the Burlington Tennis Center, I must admit a bit of court envy...12 courts - 4 sets of 3 - with incredible sightlines and an observation deck, was a real treat.  Just a plug...if any of the teachers win the Powerball drawing….an observation tower would be a great addition to the tennis courts at Southwest.


Overcast as it was, both coaches were hopeful the rain would skirt by on the high side of the city and miss Burlington entirely,




With only Annie Bodin’s match completed [yeah, she won!], we stopped the match for the evening and reconvened just tonight.


Coming back mid play is hard.  A warm up, and instant pressure...either keeping hold of whatever lead one had at play stoppage, or trying your darndest to claw back lost ground with the end of the match quickly approaching.


Coming back today:


Alentino was down a set and 2-4 in the tide changed on Court 1 - loss


Whalen was up 1 set (6-4) after the first day, but the pressure was evident as both ladies hit and ran exceptionally well, but in the end, Meghan broke and held a serve...twice, while the Lady Bulldog couldn’t find her rhythm.  Whalen with the win.


Gretchen was trailing with we broke off play from day 1, down 1 set, down 1-2.  Though running and stroking the ball much better today, the outcome was the same - loss.


Annie Bodin simply sat and watched as her teammates put pressure of the Lady Bulldogs in singles action.


Lanie, having captured the first set on day 1, forgot to send the memo to the other player that her efforts were futile and that she should simply give up.  As it was for 17 other times this season, Lanie pulled her opponent back and forth, and won. 6-4, 6-4.


Lauren, down 5-6 in the first set, charged out of the gate with the tie at 6 all and taking the tiebreaker, securing the 1st set.  Lauren did remember to send her opponent a memo...the Lady Bulldog couldn’t sustain her play from day 1 and Lauren cruised 6-1 in the second.


Cowgirls were 4-2 after singles.


As you have undoubtedly read in other postings, 4-2 is a beautiful position to be in after singles.  This means all the Cowgirls had to do was win one of the courts of dubs. Let’s see how close the ladies were to giving Coach a stress related heart issue.




Whalen and Cross played some of the best short game of their season.  Their angles are incredible. Their net play effective. Their serves in and decently deep.  And they lost 1-10 to a very good #1 dubs team.


Lydia Specht and Abigail Lowe proved their merit and moxie at Conference and I allowed them to represent us as the #3 dubs team.  They took charge! Finding their game early on, the Cowgirls lifted, passed, and stood on a 7-4 lead….before their opponents must have taken some type of wonder skill enhancer….most likely water or gatorade….nothing illicit I imagine, but went on a tear.  The Lady Bulldogs turned their game around entirely. The net was sound. Their approaches were quick and shots were deep and away...and they came back to win #3 dubs 10-7.


Tied 4-4.


Of Course.


Once more I would like to thank our tennis Gold Sponsor for this season - Tums...Always there when your tennis ladies don’t win in singles as they should and would rather make coach sweat, worry, and have tummy issues on the sideline.


Annie Bodin/Lauren Cook began.  Lauren coming off a good win on Court 6, but Annie not having touched her racquet in competitive play since Tuesday


Each team holding serve, tied at 3 all, the Cowgirls held serve once more.  And then they came alive on the court. Normally it is Annie who runs, approaches, and becomes a beautiful board at the net with crisp angles to the open court...but not today.  Annie was forced back by deep returns and Lauren became the instigator at the net. Poaching, moving well, solid cross courts shots by both Cowgirls, they go on a 6 game streak, finishing the match 10-3, and more importantly, giving the go ahead match - allowing the Cowgirls to edge out the Lady Bulldogs in the 1st rd of the 3A Dual Team Championships.


5-4 - Cowgirls over the Lady Bulldogs of Burlington Williams


This is the first Dual team win of Coach Murphy’s 10 years as coach and 4 appearances in dual team play.  Yes, it was exceptionally sweet. Tonight is a Sheetz night!


Thank you Sheetx for being another Gold Level Sponsor of Cowgirl Tennis.  Your beverages are always cold, your prices of slushies and MTO items an incredible value, and best of all, it is lit like a spotlight shining out in a darkened always feel safe when you are at Sheetz!


The Cowgirls rise to 18-2 on the season and travel to Cox Mill next Tuesday for the second round of Dual Team action.


Began Oct 16, 2018 - rain postponed

completed Oct 18, 2018


A wonderful and close match all the way to the end.



Hannah Sumner (W) over Christina Alentino (SW) 6-1, 6-2

Meghan Whalen (SW) over Ashley Sturges (W) 6-4, 6-2

Hannah Higgins (W) over Gretchen Cross (SW) 6-2, 6-2

Annie Bodin (SW) over Olivia Higgins (W) 6-1, 6-1

Lanie Van Dorp (SW) over Natalie Boylston 6-4, 6-4

Lauren Cook (SW) over Tessa Wells (W) 7-6, 6-1



Sumner/Sturges (W) over Whalen/Cross (SW) 10-1

Bodin/Cook (SW) over H Higgins/O Higgins (W) 10-3

Boylston/Wells (W) over Lydia Specht/Abigail Lowe (SW) 10-7


Cowgirls over Lady Bulldogs 5-4


The road ends for the Lady Bulldogs in Dual Team Action, but #1 Hannah Sumner will continue on in Regional Singles play beginning tomorrow (Oct 19, 2018) in Concord.


Good Luck to Ms. Sumner!


Cowgirls improve to 18-2 and proceed on to the second round of Dual Team action - the first time since 2008 - when they travel down to Cox Mill High School.


Good Luck Cowgirls!