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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

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Game Summary

3.0 years ago @ 12:18AM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Cox Mill HS School

Game Date
Oct 23, 2018


Oct 23 - 2nd rd Dual Team - @ Cox Mill


Was it a rough night?  


Yes, but knowing the talent we were facing tonight @ Cox Mill, it wasn’t totally unexpected.


So no.  It wasn’t a rough night, rather, it was a great end to a fantastic season.


18-3 - Cowgirl 2018 season record.


Not bad at all considering the Tennis Cowgirls lost 4 of their top 7 last season, three of the top 4, only having two new additions to the top 6, and had a solid 5 step it up to ensure the record we end the season with this year.


In fact, tonight was down right celebratory in nature.  


Christina played some of the best she has played all season.  Shot for shot, she held close to her opponent, but her opponent’s movement and consistency gave her the win.


Meghan took a while to get started, but managed to earn 3 games in the second while pushing her opponent to multiple deuces in game play.


Gretchen did little wrong but was pushed off the court by a strong, deep hitting and excellent angle shot opponent.


Annie dropped the 1st set in spite of excellent play, but managed to step up her game in the second.  Behind in play and games, Annie brought it close at 5-6, but was unable to break her opponent in the 2nd set.  By far, some of the most spirited, physical, and aggressive play on any court tonight.


Lauren walked away with a 2 hr 23 minute match. After dropping the first set 2-6, though I had faith in Lauren’s play, I wasn’t sure if she had it in her tonight.  I am happy to admit I was wrong. Playing a consistency game, Lauren stepped it up and forced her opponent into a rally filled evening of play. Hitting between 15-30 shots a point, Lauren slowly began to wear her opponent out.  Her opponent feeling the heat, she changed her game, pushing harder into her shots, hitting them deeper, much to the chagrin of Lauren, who played her consistent self, breaking her Cox Mill opponent and took the second set 6-4.


A great change in the tide of play.


Jumping out to a early lead in the tiebreaker (race to 10 for the third set), Lauren only dropped a total of 4 points in her well earned, come from behind, 10-4 victory in the third set securing the Cowgirls only win of the evening.  


Dubs, though unneeded for Cox Mill to advance in dual team play, were welcomed by both teams - Cox Mill as a precursor to their state tourney and 3rd rd play, and the Cowgirls as a capping of their incredible season.


Whalen and Cross managed a game off their insanely good opponents. Hannah Jiang (#1 Cox Mill) secured her spot in the 3A State singles championships last weekend in regional play.  When partnered with literally anyone, well, you can see that 1 game earned was a great win for the Cowgirls.


Bodin/Cook took their opponents on a whirlwind ride losing 4-10.  Their opponents were awesome. They had every shot in the book. They even had hand signals for each other on serve...and the Cowgirls played them at every point.  The Cowgirls lobs were crisp. Their net play was inspired. And I have never seen this team poach so often or so well. The Cowgirls didn’t defend, they attacked. We will miss the wonderful play and leadership Annie brought to the team and court #2 dubs.


Lydia Specht and Abigail Lowe partnered for #3 dubs.  Though not in the top 6, these two earned their spot in the line up for dual team play based on their wonderful efforts in conference tourney two weeks back.  Cox Mill is a beast. A friendly and well trained beast on the court. Court #3 dubs was no different. But once more, the Cowgirls gave me reason to smile. Holding through most points, the Cowgirls executed well, moved better than they had before, played incredible net, and even managed to burn their opponents with down the line shots that pleased me to no end!  Though losing 5-10, the Cowgirls performed as players seeded much higher than they were.


All in all, a 1-8 loss.


All in all, a win on so many levels of play and promise for the Cowgirls.


Thank you for reading my novels this season.


Thank you for supported the Cowgirls.


Until next season.


  • Murphy


Hannah Jiang (CM) over Christina Alentino (SW) 6-0, 6-0

Valentina Morales (CM) over Meghan Whalen (SW) 6-0, 6-3


Taylor Speicher (CM) over Gretchen Cross (SW) 6-0, 6-0

Kelly Campo (CM) over Annie Bodin (SW) 6-1, 7-5

Reilly Poe (CM) over Lanie Van Dorp (SW) 6-2, 6-0

Lauren Cook (SW) over Jaylen Leak (CM) 2-6, 6-4, 10-4



Jiang/Morales (CM) over Whalen/Cross (SW) 10-1

Speicher/Poe (CM) over Bodin Cook (SW) 10-4

Campo/Kelsey Holmes (CM) over Lydia Specht/Abigail Lowe (SW) 10-5


Cowgirls drop only their 3rd match of the season, but in doing so, exit the 3A Dual Team championship bracket.  Cowgirls finish with an 18-3 record.


Good luck to Cox Mill as their do battle against their conference foe Concord in the third round of the 3A Dual Team championships.