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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

2.0 years ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Ragsdale HS School

Game Date
Sep 12, 2019


Sept 12 v Ragsdale


It was hot, at least for a while.  The Athletic Trainer read the WBT test and we were cleared to play...though we didn’t begin play to closer to 5:50pm, we were grateful our time slot didn’t push beyond 6.



Ragsdale, bitter foe, arch nemesis (at least until we play HPC in anything), sometimes friends and overall weird acquaintances.  


In short, we need to win this one.


The first time I play any of our rival schools, I want to show strong...very strong….plow you over and not look in my rearview mirror strong...I think you are seeing it.  Now, the second time I play you, I know where you are and will play down my roster accordingly to allow more players a look at varisty play as well as a rest for the top ones.


Christina was ill.

Gretchen had asked about going to a concert 3+ weeks back and given we were healthy at the time, Coach said yes!

And Annie is out with her knee.


Three out of the top six.  Steamrolling was no longer an option and survival may be on the line.


Luckily, the Cowgirls are very talented.


Audrey and Meghan got off to incredible starts.  Meghan gave no quarter in her 8-0 romp of the Lady Tiger opponent, and Audrey was strong all the way though…..was that a Llama?...where was I, oh, after a brief brain fart, Audrey sailed through to a 8-4 win.


Tran Nguyen made short work of her opponent.  Playing a mirror game early on, Tran went down 1-2.  After a chat with coach about playing your game and not the other girl’s game, Tran set to work.  The last 7 games were her. There was no more hope yet on court 5...for Ragsdale.


Lanie too began to chase the playing style of her opponent.  Coach’s advice once more rang true in Lanie’s heart and she too began to play her own game….Ragsdale, blustered, had no hope in salvaging even another game.  LAnie wins 8-2.


Nicole, playing on court 4, the highest she has played in varsity so far, came out strong, but lost focus.  The Lady Tiger tweaking her game, simply did not let Nicole’s strength to shine and through she battled nicely, Nicole could only muster 6 games to her opponent’s 8.  But lessons were learned and will make her better.  


Lauren Harris, #6 tonight, normally #11, was tasked of playing up.  Both sides had shots. Both sides held serve at first, but the Tiger’s side had a bit more depth, a bit more speed, both of which Lauren struggled against.  Coach’s advice helped, but reflecting on the match now, Lauren’s game was a smidget smaller than her opponent’s game. And the better player won that match. Again, Lauren learned two valuable lessons and just like Nicole, these will serve her well.


4-2 after singles


Coach felt confident only having to secure 1 dubs match to carry the Cowgirls to victory of the evening.  


Audrey and Meghan  a new pair on court 1

Lanie and Tran - also a new pairing but on court 2

And Avery McCaskill and Hannah Beamon on court 3.


Audrey and Meghan were impressive, taking the early lead 3-0.  Lanie and Tran hiccupped before beginning and immediately fell to 0-3 early on.  And Avery and Hannah were very much mismatched in ability on court 3.


Audrey/Meghan began trading serves back and forth, losing a serve in the process, but almost immediately saving a service game from their opponents and finish the match 8-4.


Lanie and Tran saw the light and fell into lock step with each other.  Though the three games against the Cowgirls were not going away, Lanie/Tran quickly overcame them..built a lead, allowing their opponents to hold only once more and dropping a poorly executed service game themselves, these two had little trouble closing out the match 8-4.


Avery and Hannah also learned much tonight.  Avery had the best service game of her tennis career thus far.  Both Hannah and Avery force their opponents to run, scramble at net, and to take low percentage shots.  Though not enough to stave off losing, these two young ladies were quite resourceful in their approach to the game.  Hats off to you ladies!


Audrey Serb (SW) over Tala Kiandost (R) 8-2

Meghan Whalen (SW) over Emma Hodge (R) 8-0

Lanie Van Dorp (SW) over Ellie Ramsey (R) 8-2

Ruby Kemp (R) over Nicole Sopala (SW) 8-6

Tran Nguyen (SW) over Kelly Dennchy (R) 8-2

Lexi Honeycutt (R) over Lauren Harris (SW) 8-4



Serb/Whalen (SW) over Kiandost/Ramsey (R) 8-4

Van Dorp/Nguyen (SW) over Hodge/Kemp (R) 8-4

Dennchy/Honeycutt (R) over Avery McCaskill/Hannah Beamon (SW) 8-0


Cowgirls over the Tigers of Ragsdale 6-3 in non conference tennis action


Cowgirls rise to 1-0, 7-0 and the Tigers fall to 6-4 on the season.


Both teams play conference teams on Monday.


SW travels to Mt Tabor and Ragsdale plays Grimsley