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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

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Game Summary

2.0 years ago @ 10:48PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Wheatmore HS School

Game Date
Sep 19, 2019


Sept 19 - @ Wheatmore


Still three ladies down until next week when one comes back from the DL list.


Audrey ran afoul initially with Ms Comer from Wheatmore.  Ms Comer forehand was low, flat/side spin and pretty lethal.  Audrey’s shots had more spin if she could hit over them. Down 0-1, 0-2, 0-3 and Audrey said, “Enough” in her sassy way…..  Well, she didn’t really say that, but I was shooting for dramatic. I hope this was adequately conveyed to the reader.  


But she did say “Enough” in her play.  Slowing down a bit and coming up into the ball, Audrey began her match….given three games into the actual start of the match.  1-3, 2-3, 3-3, 4-3, 4-4, 5-4, 5-5, and that was it. Audrey turned it on and Ms Comer didn’t have an answer. Though she ran well and was a wall! Audrey simply outpaced her for the win.  10-5


Meghan also began in the hole to her talented opponent.  And she too had to climb up to even before taking hold of the match.  Her opponent could hit the shots and corners making Meghan run out of her comfort zone.  But Meghan did it, corralling the Wheatmore Warrior and as her opponent faded in strength, Meghan kept her legs busy and took control winning 10-6


Lanie’s match pitted her against a high floating returner with good leg speed.  On serve for the first 3 games, Lanie saw her opportunity and hit her marks. To and fro across the baseline she ran her opponent, but what really separated her play from that of her opponent was not just the deep corners, but the short, out to the side shots that the Lady Warrior couldn’t return.  10-3


Tran finally ran against her wall.  Down 0-3, Tran shifted her game at the behest of Coach.  This brought her even into the match. But her opponent was a wiley one and changed her shot selection too.  Back and forth through 4 lead changes. Even at 8 all, Tran lost her serve and could do little to rebound and take it back in a break.  Tran falls 8-10.


Nicole, our three set specialist from the Early College, had a relatively easy go at it.  Playing back and forth through the first 6 games, Tied at 3 all was a close as her opponent got to taste victory.  Nicole ran away with the rest winning 10-3.


Avery McCaskill, new to the top six tonight, had her hands full.  Also down 3-0, Avery stepped back, collected herself, and listened to Coach.  Yes, that ocach...the wise one. Well, not too wise. But he does do good every so often.  As I was saying, Avery stepped back allowing a bit more time with her shots and began to ready herself before hitting just a bit more.  1 game. OK, that was a start.




3-4…..and I will save the reader from the end here.  No, Avery didn’t win, but held to her opponent through every shot she made.  Though capped at three games for singles, Avery played with more confidence and downright good shot selection than she had previously.  So not a win on the evening, but yet, a huge win for her game.


Cowgirls were up 4-2 after singles.


Serb/Whalen wasted little time decimating the top two ladies from Wheatmore.  Hiccuping for two games in a row, the Cowgirls pulled out all of the stops and routed their opponents 8-2.


Van Dorp and Nuguyen stalled at first in their dubs match.  Instead of playing traditional dubs, they felt compelled to play a combo singles game on the same court from the baseline.  No, Coach wasn’t too pleased by this strategy against a team that didn’t warrant it. Holding serve on both sides of the net, the Warriors finally broke.  A quick answer from the Cowgirls and 1 more up to boot breaking back against the Warriors. Finally up 6-5, the Cowgirls talent for finding the corners and lines began to sync.  10-5 the final score.


Sopala and McCaskill took to the court as #3 dubs.  A true give and take match all evening. Though light when they began, the length of the match saw the setting of the sun and the encroaching darkness fall.  Though they had opportunity to close the match, the tenacity of the Warriors proved enough to pull even at 8 forcing a tiebreaker, and in all bit complete darkness where no one could see the ball, the Warriors win 9-7 in the tiebreaker, 9-8 on the games.  It was sad anyone had to play this match out. Both sides played very well.


So in closing:


Southwest Cowgirls edge the Wheatmore Warriors 6-3 in non-conference tennis action


Audrey Serb (SW) over Kara Comer (W) 10-5

Meghan Whalen (SW) over Hannah Carter (W) 10-6

Lanie Van Dorp (SW) over Kendall Fritz (W) 10-3 

Taylor Comer (W) over Tran Nguyen (SW) 10-8

Nicole Sopala (SW) over Lexi Gerlock (W) 10-3

Kelly Carrick (W) over Avery McCaskill (SW) 10-3


Serb/Whalen (SW) over K Comer/Carter (W) 8-2 

Van Dorp/Nguyen (SW) over Fritz/T Comer (W) 8-5 

Gerlock/Carrick (W) over Sopala/Avery McCaskill (SW) 9-8 (9-7)


The Cowgirls improve to 2-0, 9-1 on the season and play next Wednesday


The Warriors fall to 10-2 on the season