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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:07AM by Keith Murphy

Summer Hitting, Tryout information

3rd week of July - Dead Period - Per NCHSAA

4th week of July - Murphy Family Vacation


Tryouts (newbies and returned alike)

Monday Aug 2     6:30-9pm

Tuesday 8/3     8:30-11am and 7-9pm

Wed 8/4    8:30 - 11am


Reg practice:

8/2   6:30-9pm

8/3   8:30-11am, 7-9 pm

8/4   8:30-11am

8/5   8:30-11am, 7-9 pm

8/6   8:30-11am


8/9  8:30-11am

8/10   7-10 pm

8/11   ***Scrimmage RJR 7pm until....

8/12  7-10pm

8/13  8:30-10:30am,   Scrimmage Invitational 6-10pm (top 6/8 ladies)


Play begins 8/16

Team News

3.0 years ago @ 1:14PM

Tennis Information

Welcome back!  Pre-season has begun.  Times TBD.  Text or email me for updated information!


Lots of forms for you to turn in prior to you hitting.  Best you call/Text me!

or call/text - 336-307-5932





Welcome to Southwest Cowgirl Tennis!

2020 Season schedule...under Schedules and Links.  Print, place on your fridge....Put it in your calendar!


Please practice to make sure you are at your tip top form by try-outs.  Please go out and walk/jog/run so as not to curl up in a fetal position once we start conditioning/playing.  The heat will be a factor.

We were conference champions last season.  That is our goal again, but in the meantime, lots of friendship bracelets and song, not really, but playing well will be at the forefront of our collective minds.

The Ladies are welcoming and super to get to know.  In short, we are a close-knit family.


What you need before pre-season or reg season tryouts/play:

NCSHAA Health Screening Form for Covid- WhatifyesNCHSAAInitialScreeningQuestions_June2020[1][6].docx

2020 Sports Physical and Medical PPE form - EnglishPPE_2019-2020.pdf

*All students are required to update their PPE form (page 1) of the physical. Physicals that have been given after 3/1/2019 to 5/1/20 are good for an extra year. At this time they don't have to be renewed.  If you do not have a current one (dates explained above), yes, you need to get one.)

GCS Student/Athlete Release Form - COVID-19 Student Release GCS 4842-1961-5423 v.1.pdf

*This form is one of 4 that are required by all GCS students for the upcoming 2020 school year. Please return this form with Page 1 of the physical form, Covid-19 Initial Screening Form, and Concussion Awareness Form

Student Parent Concussion Awareness Form - GW_SAPLG_ConcussionInform-20-21.pdf

2020-21 Required forms for all students. This is one of 4 total required forms. Please print the following: Student Parent Concussion Awareness Form, Physical Form, Initial Screening Form, Student/Athlete Release Form


Two proofs of residency - click the following for the valid list of documents - Fair Play Flyer-Proofs of Residency.docx

Text or call if questions!


 - Murphy