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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

2 weeks ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. East Forsyth HS School

Game Date
Apr 28, 2021

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


SW Women’s Tennis played host to the Lady Eagles of East Forsyth.

Sportsfans!  Welcome back to the play action as seen by coach for the Fall 2020………Spring 2021 Women’s tennis season.

If you check your email, you will see it has been since October 2019 that you have had something this momentous in your inbox….1,2,3,4….15,16,17,18, OMgosh! 18 months in waiting. 

Let’s begin.


First match of the season, #2 Annie Vo (Early College) having prior commitments, could not make it tonight and will be absent from tomorrow’s write up as well.  Stayed tuned to her story as it develops beginning next week.   

Confident but untested the Cowgirls came into tonight’s match.  East Forsyth had a ringer last season, Nationally ranked….if she was in the line up, that carries one, if not two courts to the magical 5 needed to win the match overall. As the Lady Eagles walked from the bus and set down their gear… Ms. Gaines was conspicuously absent.  Don’t rejoice yet, maybe she was still on the bus.  In playing host, it is our obligation to invite the ladies to visit the facilities before beginning play.  One of the ladies spoke right up and said this was the entire team and they all had to have a go to the restroom.

Now we rejoice. 😊

Definitely a good start of the match before the first can of balls was opened. 

Audrey Serb on court 1

Tran Nguyen on 2

Nicole Sopala (Early College) on 3

Maggi Mugi (Early College and daughter of Mrs Mugi, one of our subs at SW) on 4

Shaini Lal (yes, the one of HOSA fame) on 5

and Avery McCaskill on court 6.


The Good, the Bad, the Redemption

Court 4 Shaini blitzed right through taking advice from coach only once [don’t hit in the middle, hit more crosscourt and down the line) that hastened the demise of her Lady Eagle foe.  32 mins tonight…8-0.

Court 1 Audrey had one hiccup that resulted in a two game gain for her opponent as she picked up the reigns once more and finished 8-2.

Maggi punished her opponent with deft corners back and forth….thought the Lady Eagle did fly back well at first, she eventually tired of this game and Maggie rolled to a 8-0 win.

Nicole has a big forehand…when the ball sits up nicely for her…and here is where we ran into our first bump.  Her opponent was a deflector.  It is a valid tennis player who simply gets the ball back…but in doing so, the ball does not extend to the baseline and always bounces short.  This was enough to throw Nicole’s game off.  0-1, 0-2, 0-3, chat with coach, 0-4, 0-5, 0-6, 1-6, another chat.  First game jitters?  Early season butterflies? Unfamiliar territory?  All of the above.  Was I looking for a win on 3?  Not necessarily, but I wanted ALL of the cowgirls to play their potential.  2-6, 2-7, 3-7, 4-7, 4-8.

No, not a win, but the wave didn’t crush Nicole…she was able to ride it out for a bit to a safer port.

Tran on #2…the highest she played last season was 4 if I recall.  She had all her shots and did great through the first couple of games staying in the points…forcing her opponent to and fro and into making bad shots.  Then it changed.  Her opponent had the gall to change her game and not over hit.  Well Tran didn’t see the shift and continued her ways…but with a wall on the other side of the net, there was little Tran could do.  Though she had small successes with points…there wasn’t enough strung together to give her a game or anywhere close to the match.  Tran’s score mirrored Nicole’s, oh look!  Score twins!

Could I have turned the tide?  Not in the first match.  Though coaching is allowed, the mental space the ladies live in while on the courts in totally theirs.  Think of falling the first time without training wheels….you learn what not to do really quickly. 

Avery McCaskill was the last to finish on the singles courts tonight.  Good serving and hitting…a bit of fluster in the mid court, but enough depth and direction to cause her opponent trouble.  This trouble netted Avery her first Varsity win of the new season, 8-3. 

Cowgirls lead 4-2 going into dubs.

Yes, the two should have been in our column, but we all learn and hopefully do better later….and we did.

Audrey Serb and Tran Nguyen partnered up at #1 dubs

Nicole Sopala and Shaini Lal as #2 dubs

Sitting Avery and Maggi, Lauren Harris and Kate Cherry came on as #3 dubs.


Audrey and Tran were the first off the courts.  Two doughnuts scored (internal W Tennis metric for shot performance and placement)…one for each tonight.  Facing little trouble from their opponents, The Cowgirls finished in short time, 8-0.  Well played and good movement out on the court.  Tran received her redemption.

Both Courts 2 & 3 finished at the same time.

Lauren and Kate had a good match.  Picking the weakest player from the two, they kept the pressure on making the Lady Eagle perform or fold.  Though she held on through Lauren’s big serve (and forehand) and Kate’s well placed balls deep to her backhand, these two staked their claim at the net and were just too much for the Lady Eagles.  A great first match beneath their collective belt for the start of this season. 

Nicole and Shaini.  Untested in doubles at this level…but it looked good based on their individual play in singles.  Tight through the first 8 games and on serve, the Lady Eagles begin to hit a bit longer.  In doing so, you could almost see Nicole’s smile.  Between (I don’t like the net) Shaini and Nicole’s big forehand, the Cowgirls pushed the Lady Eagles into rushed and bad shot selections.  No, we are not exceptional at the net, but the combined forces of Lal and Sopala was enough to trouble the hearts of their opponents and allow the Cowgirls a distinct advantage at the net and on the court.

trading two more games

a break

a hold

a break again and the victory. 

Redemption #2. 


Congratulations to Cowgirls tennis for earning a win tonight against the Lady Eagles of East Forsyth.

The Cowgirls begin the season 1-0 and will travel to Ragsdale on Thursday.


The Men’s tennis team will host their conference championships at SW tomorrow.  Make sure you come out to watch the guys 1 day tournament during your planning or after school if you have time.  The action should be tight on many of the courts and worthy of your admission fee (It is free).  Unfortunately you will need to bring your own popcorn and soda, concessions are scarce near the courts.
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