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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

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Game Summary

2 weeks ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Ragsdale HS School

Game Date
Apr 29, 2021

April 29 

Cowgirls fall to the Lady Tigers in non-Conference Tennis action 


I cannot say it was supposed to be an easy win, it was not.  But it sure was not meant to end in a loss. 


Opportunities seen, but never realized. 


It was an off day at best.  Apparently the <choose one or more> {wind, courts, opponents, jitters, week, circumstances} got the best of the Cowgirls tonight. 


Going down 2-4 after singles did us no favors in looking for the light dimming in the distance on a win.   

Doubles, though better from a meshing construct, felt like an opened bottle of Coke after a couple of houses and at room temperature.  Yeah, I can still feel it in my mouth…not a good taste.  


Audrey won on court #1 8-0 in quick fashion…just a bit north of 30 minutes in total. 

Annie still out until next week. 

Tran and Nicole found a way to give nearly every opportunity back to the Tigers in singles play.  As with all tennis players, we have elements needing improvement on these courts and weaknesses we simply do not have a shot to overcome.   

Maggi (court 4) had to wait until Audrey finished on court 1 due to the slippery and stick covered condition of the Tiger’s #4 court without aid of a broom or a blower.  Jumping ahead early in their play, up 5-1, the winds literally shifted, the wind blow a different direction, Ms. Wright’s (Ragsdale) play changed, and she took full advantage of the mental lapse.  2, 3, 4, trading games to 7-5, Maggi’s thought became clear once more and she closed out the competition 8-5.  Though the hiccup wasn’t wecomed, Coach had little doubt she had the mettle to pull it out.  Well done Maggi.  

Shaini and Avery ran afoul against a tough two competitors, respectively.  Each had short and away shots coupled with longer shots than they were used to hitting.  After playing and getting use to a shorter ball during yesterday’s play v EF, today took them by surprise.  Though fighting hard, Avery fell 8-3 while Shaini took continued to trade barbs but falling 8-6.  They both played to their ability but each came up short. 

Cowgirls down 2-4 after Singles. 


Audrey once more teamed up with Tran and Nicole with Shaini to see if we could trike back and capture all three courts in dubs.  Maggie rotated into the mix on court #3 partnered with Lauren Harris…a top six in waiting.   

Audrey and Tran, though an ugly win, had their opponents on the ropes seemingly before they ever made it to the courts.  Unable to piece together 4 shots together, the Tigers fell quickly on Dubs court #1. 

So too on Court #3.  Maggi’s corners and Lauren’s big forehand, backhand, and enough of a serve melded together to overcome the Tigers 8-3 with little issue. 

It all came down to Dubs court #2.  Though I would like to say all the mistakes made in singles play had turned to relative strengths and the Tigers simply bent to the sheer will of the Cowgirls, but this did not happen.  The Cowgirls fought hard.  They played a much more relaxed game with a partner on the court with them.  Serves good, net play adequate, but the Tigers proved too tough by extending their shots deeper and their net coverage better.  The Cowgirls kept pace and traded games with the Tigers throughout the set until the last two games where the Cowgirls were broken.  The Tigers held giving them the victory of the dubs court and overall match.    


On any given night, many players can beat each other.  A pusher (akin to a wall) beats the power, the power finds their strokes and lift to beat a placer, and ultimately a placer who finds the right balance of speed and shot selection can defeat a pusher.  And tomorrow night it will all change.  The Tigers simply had more shots in their toolbox than the Cowgirls had answers.  I wonder if….. 

That question will get answered next Tuesday as the Cowgirls host the Tigers at home.  With Annie back in the Line up and two days for drills, my Magic 8 Ball says all signs point to yes.  I assume this means a victory.  I guess we will see Tuesday night after the write up is complete. 


Thank you for reading about our season long journey of growth and discovery.  Next week should leave us on a happier note. 


One last thought to leave you with. 

Congrats to Audrey to earning another Doughnut (explained in last night’s write up) point in doubles tonight.  Keep it up Audrey.   


Good night to the Ranch. 

 - Murphy
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