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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

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Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

9.0 months ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Grimsley HS School

Game Date
Sep 7, 2021

Sept 7, 2021


Cowgirls v the Lady Whirlies of Grimsley – Conference Tennis Action


4 tiebreakers, 2 went our way

1 more tight match @ 2

a matter of points.

Count it one way at 3 points.  Another at 5….had the moon waxed instead of waned and coach had held his mouth right…well, this could have been a different story.


46 mins after beginning, Audrey exited the courts.  Her new puppy Wilson had loved her unconditionally over the weekend and in short, the memory of last week’s match up was but a distant memory.  Outpacing her opponent with only a momentary lapse in focus, Audrey soundly defeated her 6-0, 6-2.  Wilson is currently being vetted to be an emotional support animal complete with a “Hug Me” little jacket for “those” moments and matches.


To no one surprise, Grace went to a third set….again.  Wesney and Coach chatted she should just forgo the first two sets and begin play at the third set tiebreaker.  Given Grace and her opponent will need to run ~ 1 to 1.5 hours continuously to set the fatigue factor prior to playing….I will suggest this to HPC’s and Ragsdale coach  the next two days.  We will come back to Grace a bit later.

Kate played beautifully tonight.  No, the match didn’t go her way, but shot for shot she held tight in what turned out to be quite a match.  Serves were good, Kate’s forehand was deep and well placed.  Kate even ran well from baseline to net and back.  The main problem she faced was that of her opponent….who ran well too, got to freak’n everything Kate put over, and the kicker, was even more consistent than Kate and had a bigger forehand.  Again, Kate did everything she could, but as many of Audrey’s opponents have learned, it is hard hitting against a wall.  The be outplayed and leave nothing on the court, regardless of the outcome….this is what I want for the ladies.  Tonight simply didn’t go Kate’s way. 

Anna held throughout the first set but dropped her last service game before going down 0-1 after the first set.  dropping the first fee games, Anna found her stride and more importantly, her opponent’s number, hammering her foe to her backhand, Anna made the Whirlie run, and hit, and run, and hit, and run, and hit some more.  recovering her lost serve Anna kept it going throughout the second set….though her opponent was always just a bit more consistent.  Drawing even on serve to the lead the Whirlie gained from holding her serve, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6 all…a tiebreaker.  And this is where Senior Lady Whirlie , playing since she was 8, managed to distance herself (barely) from a developing Anna.  4-7 in the tiebreaker ending Anna’s chance at a singles win.  Don’t be downhearted reader, Anna is only a freshy….good things are in store for Anna’s game in the conclusion of this match, season, and of course in future seasons of play as a Cowgirl.

Tran was up, down, clawing back, but eventually dropping the first set against a deep hitting, quick legged and pace filled shots Whirlie.  Second set saw much the same.  Up, down, clawing back and eventually bringing it back to 5-5 before succumbing to the Whirlie.  This was a simply match of lost opportunities.  Overhitting was an issue as Tran tried to match the Whirlie stroke for stroke, but the timing was off and multiple shots late as the Whirlie downs a Cowgirl 4-6, 5-7. 

Lauren had an exceptional game, though not a win.  In chats with coach in our common reflection time (think fireside chats with our a comfy livingroom, fireplace, chairs, set outside in the parking lot adjacent to the tennis courts immediately after a match and absent the mug of warming hot cocoa) coach emphasized the mental game and shot selection Lauren achieved with her game tonight,  Dropping the first set 4-6, Lauren played, honed her forehand spin and out gunned her opponent 7-5 in a contentious match.  Though the backhand wasn’t full of power such as her forehand was, Lauren made it up in improved footwork and ball play.  Clearly consistency was a key in the comeback.  Into the tiebreaker, Lauren faltered.  The Whirlie increased her game, putting Lauren on the Defensive much like in the first set and without the length of match to turn the tide, Lauren takes it on the chin 5-10 in the third.  So close!!!!

Grace….sweet Grace.  Sweet three set loving Grace.  5 three setters this season.  Today’s match being the 4th third setter in a row.  But did she win?  Well, if the bar was stocked, Coach’s tumbler with ice would have been quickly drained of the beverage therein and one of the extra players would have been forced to role play as a barkeep with few tips in her jar.  Luckily Coach doesn’t imbibe…or Grace would have driven him to a 12 step program by now.  Coach still might enter into one just for fun if this trend continues…I hear you get pudding of the afternoon.

Grace, I know you are reading this….If I give you Audrey’s puppy will you just win in two v come from behind as you do?  I will write you one heck of a college recommendation….I will announce for the girls’ soccer season again…tell me what I need to do!

Though tight throughout, Grace seemed to be one step behind in play and hitting.  The Whirlie had great pressure, pushing Grace into the corners, blasting past her with nice forehands…the Whirlie had the advantage.  Finally breaking Grace, The Whirlie wins the first set.  Clearly, Grace can’t have that.  Finally, nerves under control, a new determination (and voodoo doll) emerged during the set changeover.  With needles all up in the newly crafted effigy and a sunbeam breaking through the clouds of Heaven and shining on her, Grace came out swinging.  Within the first three games of the 2nd set, Grace had the advantage.  Her opponent now began to play Grace’s game, slower, and with less winners…keeping the ball in play, pushing her opponent deeper of select shots, Grace’s game became the default of the match.  Though good, the Whirlie had little defense against a grinder such as Grace.  Two breaks earned and Grace destroyed her opponents game 6-3 in the 2nd

Onward to the third set 10 point tiebreaker, Grace jumped out 1-0.



rally rally rally 3-1


more rally rally rally 3-3



5-4, the Whirlie’s game goes limp.  5-9 shots in a rally, and the Whirlie would hit it into the net.

5-5.  The Whirlie played so as not to lose vs playing to win when proven shots.

6-5, 7-5, 8-5, 9-5 net after net the Whirlie hit it

10-5, our third set queen triumphs again.

4 in a row marked with a “w”.

Long Live the Queen.

Time?  Did someone ask about the 3rd set Queen’s match play time?  1hr 55 mins.  Note close per se to the 2 hr 12 min marathon, but here is the kicker….Grace wasn’t off the courts last tonight.  Both Anna and Lauren, though coming up short, played longer than Grace…..Grace hadn’t gotten to see and cheer for another Cowgirl’s tennis match from the benches in three weeks! Glad they could honor you tonight Grace!


Unfortunately, after singles, 4 close matches, three tiebreakers (yes reader, that mean there was a tiebreraker in dubs action) with only one of those close matches falling on our side, the Cowgirls face an up hill battle 2-4 going into dubs.

In short, the Cowgirls would need to sweep dubs (all three) to earn the win.  This would be tough…..why? it takes a while for Grace to fashion a voodoo doll.  Something about special wax, chicken blood, and newly cut hair from her victim….this is one of those don’t ask, don’t tell situations coach has as an informal agreement with Grace.  I don’t ask about the chicken blood and how she get the hair samples of her victims….er….opponents, and she wins.  Clearly Coach prefers to remain ignorant of certain private matters of his players.

Grace (yes, that one) and Tran – Court 1

Play was spirited.  This is the first time this duo really took charge of the court.  Focused, and hitting well, up 7-2 on the brink of a clear victory…Tran decides to change up and move back to the baseline.  Grace following…<insert something about the wheels begin to come off>

Barkeep!  Another!

7-3, 7-4

7-5, 7-6

are you crapping me!


8-7 hope….promise….



a tiebreaker….again!

Finding enough wax in her tennis bag, Grace worked feverously and made not just one, but 2 small effigies.  Snip snip goes the hair.  “Cluck …gurgle” goes the chicken (again, don’t ask), let the tiebreaker begin.

Dominating from the start, the Cowgirls find their rhythm almost immediately allowing only one point for the Whirlies…7-1, The cowgirls shut the door on Grimsley from court one.

The Whirlies split their ladies 2/3 for the top court and 1/4 for court two, Audrey and Anna quickly got down to business against 1/4 .  Going aggressively after the weaker player, so too the Whirlies did to Anna.  Up as much as 3-0, the Whirlies tightened their game, earning a break, and kept it close.  The advantage, thought tenuous, was always the Cowgirl, Coach wasn’t happy until the final shot was played.  6-4, 6-5, 7-5, break 8-5, the Cowgirls earn back 4 victories.

Court three.  Kate and Rachael Dee. 

Though it rhymes…this is totally immaterial, and, though a fun fact, has no bearing over the conclusion of this tennis write up.

Kate and Rachael had their hands full from the get go.  Playing #7/8 from the Whirlies (they have an exceptionally deep team with lots of players.  With a base student population of near 2100, 500 more than Southwest…I think I can find a tennis player or two who can strike the ball well.  And this is what they did.  The Cowgirls fought, earned some games, but due to deeper, fasted paced shots, the Cowgirls were unable to place the ball as effectively over the Falcons of SE last week on the same court.  In turn, the Cowgirls drop court 3 4-8 and as such, were unable to convert all three dubs courts to their favor succumbing to a near identical playing team in conference play.

Cowgirls lose 4-5 to Grimsley.

Coach knew this would be as bad as a 3-6 loss to a 5-4 victory….he knew it would be close.

And that it was.  exceptional and close.

Well played from both sides of the net.


Cowgirls drop to 3-2 in conference play, 4-2 overall.

With two more matches to play in conference before we circle back to play the teams again, Southwest is battling hard.

HPC on Wednesday – non conference

Ragsdale on Thursday – conf

Northwest next Monday – conf.


Let’s Go Cowgirls!


Audrey Aerb (SW) over Aurora Milholin (G) 6-0, 6-2

Cambree Spencer (G) over Tran Nguyen (SW) 6-4, 7-5

Grace parsons (SW) over lindsay McRae (G) 4-6, 6-3, 1-0(10-5)

Josie Schneiderman (G) over Lauren Harris (SW) 6-4, 5-7, 1-0(10-5)

Sophia Phillips (G) over Anna McGinnis (SW) 6-4, 7-6(7-4)

Ava Steimle (G) over Kate Cherry (SW) 6-1, 6-0


Lady whirlies 4-2 after singles


Nguyen/Parson (SW) over Milholin/Schneiderman(G) 9-8(7-1)

Serb/McGinnis (SW) over Spencer/McRae (G) 8-5

Mallory Baraket/Hannah Hilleboe(G) over Cherry/Rachael Dee (SW) 8-4


Cowgirls fall 4-5 in an exceptionally close match h across all courts.


Cowgirls fall to 4-3 overall and 3-2 in conference.


Cowgirls play host to HPC on Wednesday (non-conf) and travel to Ragsdale to resume conf play on Thursday