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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

9.0 months ago

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Northwest Guilford HS School

Game Date
Sep 13, 2021

Sept 13, 2021


Cowgirls play host to the Lady Vikings of NW.

At the completion of tonight’s match, we are one half through the regular season having played everyone the first time through.  Wednesday we will begin the “back nine” of the conference starting once more with Page.  But as for tonight, NWG.

NW has an impressive record going into tonight’s play.  4-1 overall taking care of both Ragsdale and Grimsley – both of these teams we fell victim to 4-5 previously.  This was going to be tough as we took to the courts.

NW was a lot deeper than the Cowgirls.  I knew we would be competitive at the top, but fade towards the end of the line up.

Audrey came out swinging.  Wishing to secure her spot near the top of the conference, Court 1 Cowgirl did little wrong in her pursuit of a win.  The new set “bump” from the opponent is always something to be mindful of and Audrey absorbed it in stride.  2 games to the Lady Viking, 2 sets for Audrey.  Well played Ms. Serb.  6-0, 6-2.

Tran (#2) and Anna (#5) rocketed out of the gate winning their first sets convincingly 6-2 and 6-1 respectively.  The second set “Bump” shook the foundations of the Cowgirls on both these courts.  The Lady Vikings had stamina and didn’t fade like a wilting flower, rather, they took the initiative and charged head long in their second set.  Winning on both Courts, the Lady Vikings began eyeing the third set tiebreaker race to 10. 

Competition tight, both Cowgirls and Lady Vikings fought the good fight….Tran came out ahead 11-9, Anna, falling short 8-10. 

Yes, joyous and sad when seen together, but let it be known, the strength of the Lady Vikings was better than last season when the Cowgirls split with the Lady Vikings.  Their #1 last season now plays on court 5….that’s right!  Anna played and almost beat their former #1.  Anna also unveiled a pretty little forehand slice into her shot selection.  The first set was a testament to the dropping and short ball Anna played.  Though the shot faded in efficiency in later sets, the reveal was a beautiful thing to witness.  Clearly, this plus other shots will aid Anna’s game greatly as we look toward the second half of the season. 

Grace, Lauren, and Kate all battled beautifully.  Each Cowgirl, though all losing 1-6 in the first, fought and made great headway in understanding and countering the power the NW girls were hitting.

Kate rallied, going up as much as 4-0 in the second before succumbing to the placement and power of the Lady Viking 1-6, 5-7.  So close from pushing it into a third set!

Lauren began moving better and with her forehand landing, made a small run holding serve through the first three games of the second.  1-6, 3-6.

Grace, at #3, fought and doubled her output from the first set but eventually fell to simply a better hitter.  Grace has grown in leaps and bounds, but multiple years playing at the club and in tournaments matures a game.  Today’s match difference was simply the maturity of the hitter.  Advantage NW.

NW goes up 4-2 over the Cowgirls heading into doubles.

In the race to 5 matches, the Cowgirls would need to sweep doubles…something we haven’t even come close to this season.  But tonight seemed magical….or maybe it was the delicious grilled smells emanating from the neighborhood just over the hedge. 

Audrey and Anna took to court #2.  Playing an adjusted doubles line-up (#1 and #8) Coach wasn’t sure as to the strength of the Lady Vikings.  Again, the Lay Vikings have talent….just can they play dubs?

Dubs is a special beast.  As written about before, a well placed dubs team that ebbs and flows into and out of each other across all aspects of court play is like….”Butta(h)” [butter].  If you look at good dubs teams, all the cracks and crevices are filled with their collective presence.  This is where the sum of their parts is greater than the whole. 

In short, we had that tonight.

Court 2 cowgirls, Audrey and Anna, held court tonight.  Allowing the Lady Vikings only two games, the Cowgirls efficiently took care of the floundering dubs team 8-2.

So too for Tran and Grace.  Playing some of the best dubs of the season, the Cowgirls nearly blitzed their opponents before overcoming one small hiccup 8-2.  This dubs team took out the #2 and former number 1 in dubs action.  It was a beautiful thing to see.

Lauren returned to the dubs lineup and tonight, partnered with Rachael Dee.  On serve, though suffering with their serves more so than what pressure they could mount against the Lady Vikings, the Cowgirls eventually find themselves 2-3 in games.

Coach doesn’t advocate “from behind” victories.  Coach prefers a blitz.  Tsunami wave destruction.  Hope extinguished, the candle blown out, utter and total darkness engulfing the opponents vision and life until, by the end of the match, they are left a shell of a player, holding their knees to their chest and slowly rocking back and forth on the ground near the benches. 

Well, that didn’t happen here.  What happened gave Coach pause and made him seriously evaluate his will to abstain from….delicious fried and grilled goodness in the form of a large french fry and burger from a local eatery.  By the end, 7 nails gone from a weekend of low stress and relaxation.  Blood pressure medicine don’t fail me now!













a tiebreaker.  Oh, dear father in Heaven.  A Tsunami Lord, not a slow trickle!

Apparently, Coach needs to live a more pious life.







swap sides






5-7….what a great match.  Though not falling on our side of the win column, the Cowgirls fought with integrity and moxie across all of the courts.

Cowgirls fall to 3-4 in conference and 4-5 overall.

Page on Wednesday.  The wall looks big, high, and extends in both directions as far as the eye can see.

But it is fun role playing as David and we take on and compete surprisingly well with the Giants!


Audrey Serb (SW) over Olivia Gleeson (NW) 6-0, 6-2

Tran Nguyen (SW) over Kate Gentel (NW) 6-2, 3-6, 11-9

Hanna Gentel (NW) over Grace Parsons 6-1, 6-2

Cameron McCollum (NW) over Lauren Harris (SW) 6-1, 6-3

Lori Brown (NW) over Anna McGinnis (SW) 1-6, 6-4, 1-0 (10-8)

Aliha Younus (NW) over Kate Cherry (SW) 6-1, 7-5


NW leading 4-2 after singles


Nguyen/Parsons (SW) over k Gentel/Brown 8-2

Serb/McGinnis (SW) over Gleeson/Katerina Villeran (NW) 8-2

McCollum/Emma White (NW) over Harris/Rachael Dee (SW) 9-8 (7-5)


Lady Vikings move to 5-1 in the conference


Cowgirls drop 3-4 in conference and 4-5 overall.


Cowgirls play host to the lady pirates of Page come Wednesday.