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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

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Game Summary

3.0 weeks ago @ 10:45PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Wheatmore HS School

Game Date
Aug 29, 2023

Aug 29, 2023


Cowgirls over the Lady Warriors of Wheatmore in non conf tennis action


Threatening rain and thunderstorms as it may, it held off and the sun did shine on the Cowgirls today. 

Special thanks to the joined efforts of Mr Dee and Mr Church for their great work on patching the courts.  Coach spends far less time pushing off the standing water AND blowing off the silty underlayment as he did last season after a rain.  Next stop, resurfacing and a new dome to go over the 6 courts for many more years of playing enjoyment.

Thank you again gentlemen.

Just as Northern was able to peddle their will onto most of the Cowgirl’s line up in singles yesterday, so too the Cowgirls did to the Lady Warriors tonight. 

Anna played against a big server with a good forehand.  The first set was mostly advantage Anna with her wall like ability against the Lady Warrior.  Anna was able to hit through her shots, extend the shots and reach the corners throughout.  Beginning with the second set though, Anna ran afoul of the big server.  The Lady Warrior starting serve, she held twice, and broke Anna’s serve going up 3-0 against the Cowgirl.  Spidey Senses tingling, Coach was there during the changeover.  In short, outplay the Lady Warrior.  When Anna’s encounters a similar/slightly better hitter, Anna can keep the ball in play for long rallies.  This she did to her benefit.  Breaking, holding, now 2-3.  Coach knew she was on the good path at that point.  Just as the Wheatmore girl did to Anna, Anna simply changed the play to another game of consistency.  In total, Anna takes 6 games in a row winning court 1 -  6-1, 6-3.

Evelyn had an easier time tonight.  After being pushed and pulled against a deeper harder hitter last night, Evelyn’s opponent did hit a good ball, but fell short of pushing the Cowgirl back.  The real question was how to hit a consistent, directed ball without a lot of spin?  If the reader doesn’t know, both Anna and Evelyn were able to hit fast, spin crazed shots yesterday against NG.  Unfortunately, as “good” as they were hitting it, few games were won against the bigger hitting and deep shot opponents.  Hitting hard against hard is easy.  Hitting spin against spin, easy.  Hitting a harder ball against a flat return is a big deal at this level.  When Evelyn tried to crank up the power, the softer ball (think no resistance) pushed long.  When trying to spin it to get it in, the ball would either nose dive into the net or sail long depending on its mood.  Tennis, it is a particular sport.  So….Evelyn was forced to find that middle balance between crushing the ball and pushing…effectively hamstringing her bigger game into well played, spin filled shots to out play her opponent.  Congrats to court 2 - -0 and 1.

Rachael had a game plan and was ready to hit a larger game than allowed to yesterday.  Serving well and able to now step into the baseline to deliver both forehand and backhands, Rachael seemingly cruised to a 6-0 1st set win.  Noticing her opponents demeaner, the Lady Warrior called her coach and it was decided not to finish the match due to illness.  6-0, WO – illness.

Church played the Lady Warrior with the most active legs.  Her opponent ran to everything.  More times than not, she was able to get a racket on the ball and make a valid attempt at a return shot.  Though the balls typically went higher than Church was accustomed too pushing her back, due to the low spin nature, the balls were able to fall in line with Caroline’s hitting range allowing her to practice her game plan of side to side action of which she executed well.  The score doesn’t indicate the true extent of the rallies experienced on court 4.  Church wins 1 and 1.

Christman’s game plan was take a bit off of the first serve and get it in.  This she did more often than not.  Last night, to her own admission, felt forced.  Tennis flows…she isn’t forced.  It is like crossing the streams…”that would be bad”.  (Ghostbusters reference – 1984 at its finest – 50 sec mark).  Though the universe doesn’t immediately stop, Coach’s love for the sport does take a ding.  Back to Christman.  Why was she able to hit a good ball?  Because the ball came to her gift wrapped.  Wheatmore #5 had spunk and could get the ball back effectively.  Unfortunately it came back short allowing the Cowgirl to push her game on her opponent.  Up in the second set (6-0 in the first), Coach made the Cowgirl attack the net.  The strategy worked as it further pushed the Lady Warrior back and she was unable to recover.  Well played Christman.  0 and 1.

Bella also was able to influence her opponent into making shallow shots back across the net.  To her chagrin though, this Lady Warrior pushed deep requiring Bella to hustle, hit, recover, and outplay in terms of consistency through the match.  It worked.  Once more the score doesn’t do justice as to the play by the Lady Warrior.  Bella takes the match 0 and 1.


Having won the match in singles, Coach drops out McGinnis and McKnight allowing for Dee/Church to play #1 dubs and opening up a spot for Wesney and Perko at #3 dubs.  Christman and Johnson joined forces on court 2.

Playing Wheatmore #1/#2, Dee and Church kept the ball away from the net player with solid returns deep near the baseline.  Serves were good.  Lobs were high and deep, once more, keeping the net player out of the points.  Working through their pacing and shot selection through the first 4 games, the Cowgirls extended their lead through two breaks.  Up 6-1, The ladies tried a new shot in game play.  Though not as effective as they would hope, this gave valuable feedback to the pair for future trials.  Regaining control of the match, the Cowgirls finish out 8-4.

Christman and Johnson (playing #4/#7) had control of the match from the start.  Feeding them a shorter ball, the Cowgirls were able to influence their opponents into making inopportune shots.  The Lady Warriors fought well though remaining in the points through spirited play and longer rallies, but the Cowgirls minimized their errors and by hitting well, won their match 8-1.

Wesney and Perko played #6/#7 (If the reader is confused…no, #7 did not play on two courts.  When playing outside of the top 6, though you may have a seed on the team, for records purposes, the out of the top 6 player is referenced by #7.  No matter if they are truly #7 or #27.  They are simply #7.)  So, Wesney and Perko began play.  Much tighter against the Lady Warriors than the other matches in skill set, neither team took the reigns of the match in the first 4 exchanges of serve.  Having the slight advantage of shot speed and placement, a break, a hold, Cowgirls 4-2.  The lead seemed tenuous at best.  Playing solid net, Perko brought down well intentioned but misguided shots that came her way sending them either back to the baseline or into open court unreachable by the Lady Warriors.  Serves were good.  Returns…well, good enough (not picking on the ladies…simply an area of opportunity).  It wasn;t until mid -way through the match that, with Coach’s guidance, a glaring hole in the Lady Warriors’s play became evident.  Focus from the Cowgirls was placed there.  Earning a few more points from this area coupled with most consistent than their opponent’s play earned the Cowgirl duo a win on court 3.  8-4.

Though sweeping Wheatmore, high praise for their coach, the lady Warriors hustle, and ability to change gears to give the Cowgirls a challenge.  Play was better than the scores showed. 

Anna McGinnis (SW) over Carmen Turgeon (W) - 6-1, 6-3

Evelyn McKnight (SW) over Sarah Smith (W) - 6-0, 6-1

Rachael Dee (SW) over Zoey Bugg (W) - 6-0, WALKOFF

Caroline Church (SW) over Adamari Lopez (W) - 6-1, 6-1

Caroline Christman (SW) over Taylor Webb (W) - 6-0, 6-1

Bella Johnson (SW) over Arielle Turgeon (W) - 6-0, 6-1



Dee/Church (SW) over C Turgeon/Smith (W) 8-4

Christman/Johnson (SW) over Lopex/Taylor Webb (W) 8-1

Evie Wesney / Elena Perko (SW) over  A Turgeon / Tatum Wagner (W) 8-4


Cowgirls level out overall at 4-4 and remain 1-2 in the conference