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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3.0 weeks ago @ 11:24PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Southeast Guilford HS School

Game Date
Aug 30, 2023

Aug 30, 2023

Cowgirls hosted SEG in conference tennis action.

It didn’t rain.

Three days in a row.

Let’s give a hand clap of praise to the One who made it happen.

Not even kidding.

For three days it has threatened with the growing likelihood that the rain and thunderstorms would ruin our tennis plans.  For any coach out there…or anyone who has made plans before…rescheduling is a pain.  For three days, the rains held off.  Sporadic droplets of rain did come down tonight, but nothing the court couldn’t absorb.

No, the Cowgirls didn’t win tonight.  After such an opening of the heavens holding back the rain, Coach thought the win was at least a possibility.  Unfortunately the Cowgirls fell 4-5 to our conference foes…and when I say foes, they are just tennis players like us…so ladies, kind and skilled in the ways of tennis.

Coach has no regrets over tonight’s play.  Each of the ladies played their talent spot and played as well as they could.  In the process, the Cowgirls culminated the night with 4 solid wins.  Play on the other 5 courts was inspired and on a few, a better outcome could not have been imagined in light of the talents the Cowgirls faced tonight.

Let’s jump in.

In all, the Lady Falcons found/grew/prayed for and received three freshmen with incredible tennis prowess.  Anna drew the short straw to face off against one of those freshie on number one.  She had a BIG serve, nearly owned the mid court, graceful flow and moves to and fro around the court, and wicked forehand and backhand.  Though in Coach’s humble opinion, not as good as Page’s #1, as a freshie, she will only continue to get better. 

And still Anna held throughout.  Not all from her service games, she tallied an impressive 5 games in total from the Lady Falcon.  There were at least 4 other games that went to single or multiple deuce.  Anna’s ability to track down the ball and anticipate the shots save for the guided missiles launched put her in good position to return most of the fast paced play.  Anna’s style of play forces her opponents to play her game at times (as evidenced in her WG match victory) with the much better ones having to find their shots.  To the Lady Falcon’s credit, she did just that.  Anna prolonged the rallies and made her opponent play up to win.  Anna loses 2 and 3.

Evelyn played third year Lady Falcon Kennedy.  Kennedy is a splendid player who has trained well and really developed her game over the last three years.  The first year she played down to a UTR 7.0 Reagan.  Last year Audrey took care of business with her.  And this year, behind the Lady Falcon #1, Kennedy’s strength go even further.  Hitting a harder, flatter ball, Kennedy did battle with Evelyn.  Tight at the onset, the biggest difference was the year’s additional experience resulting in a more consistent play.  Evelyn was able to hold point for point, but the longer the rally lasted the more pressure Evelyn took on in running, setting up, and executing the shots.  In the end it was a bit much for our beloved freshy.  Evelyn loses 3 and 1.  Coach did comment to Evelyn…”Kennedy was where you were her freshman year.  With ongoing training and development, You will rise to that level of play or better.”

Long time readers will attest to the difficulties of courts 3 and 4.  Last year Cowgirl Lauren (graduated – attending App state) and Rachael (current #3) held those tough spots.  These precarious courts always were talent deep in the metro when the Cowgirls faced off against them.  This year is no different.  In fact, both Northern and SEG (wins last year – not this year) added to their ranks and roster depth to cover those positions with new talent. 

Rachael drew Kennedy’s younger sister Jordan.  Jordan has been training alongside her sister for the past three years exclusively focused on tennis.  Rachael was in for a treat.  Rachael got into the swing of things quickly able to go head to head with Jordan on most shots – forehands, crosscourts, backhands – all were extremely good.  Depth was good.  Spin was good.  Angles were developing.  If a shorter ball was hit though, Jordan was keen to approach and destroy.  The Lady Falcon simply had an answer to most of Rachael’s shots.  Jordan’s shots were bigger, deeper, and full of magic Coach thinks.  Unfortunately, this magical combo was more than Rachael’s game could accommodate. 

The next three courts all flourished because Rachael held the line on Court 3.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is what on court leadership is about.

Church has an unconventional hitting style.  In short, it works for her.  If the readers remember, Grace Parsons (Graduated ’22 – big sister to baseball player Parsons) also had an unconventional style.  Let’s call them disrupters.  If this was politics, they would be Mavericks.  Lady Falcon freshy Court 4 was a bigger hitting, deeper placement, spin happy kinda player.  But clearly, she hadn’t encountered someone like Church before.  Within the first three games, be it the stress of the week, beginning school, or simply shots not falling as anticipated, with Caroline up 3-0 (Wowzer!), the Lady Falcon left the courts in tears.  Since we are not all USTA rules experts (nor is Coach…we have been around a while to learn a few things), ‘players are not permitted to leave the court unless medical attn is required or a bathroom break is needed.’  Coach is sure there are other words involved, but he liked broad strokes.  Not only did the Lady Falcon leave the court, but she was also conversing with her parent.  In tennis, these are two no-nos.  Don’t leave the court and only talk with the coach(es) on record for the match. Coach asked the Lady Falcon coach to correct this and he did.  He is new.  No worries.  No penalties were given.  A simple mistake by the freshy.  Not to worry, no illness or the like, simply nerves and the indignation of not hitting well.

Let start again.  Church came out to a 3-0 lead.  The game, consistency.  The Lady Falcon could blast the ball, but in light of a different hitting style displayed by Church, she over-reached, over hit, under ran much to the glee of Coach and Caroline herself.  6-1.  Mind you, this was not a quick 6-1.  The points were long – averaging 6-9 shots each with lots of running to each ball hit from both sides.  In the first 3-4 games, Caroline had totally negated the power difference between the Lady Falcon and the Cowgirl.

Second set.  Long.  Grueling.  A joy to watch as a coach.  The Lady Falcon came out swinging.  Having already heard from Coach this gameplan possibility, Caroline was ready for the 2nd set bump.  Trading serves back and forth through the second set, with the Lady Falcon serving first, it was up to Church to hold serve and to tie the game score again.  On serve, it took Caroline 3 deuce attempts to finally hold serve.  5-5.  Church breaks.  6-5.  Though both sides were tired, Caroline’s energy and hitting prevailed when 1 ball went to the net and two others sailed long.  Caroline wins tonight against her hitting better.  6-1, 7-5.

Christman also had a great night.  In looking over the records from last season, SEG’s #5 played as #2 last season.  This is how good this team grew overnight (since last season) with the introduction of 3 fierce freshmen.  Note to the reader, the Cowgirls are looking for young, up and coming eighth graders to join our tennis ranks beginning next season.  If you know of any, send them our way please.  Losing 6 seniors at the close of this season will nearly break poor coach’s heart.  Help him find others to fill this coaching heart’s void. 

Back to Christman.  She pulled the ginger straw.  No, Christman isn’t a ginger……those are just auburn looking highlights in her hair.  The Lady Falcon she played was a ging.  A talented Ging too!  The joke was pre-game that whoever pulled the Ging best watch out for their soul.  Lose two times to a Ging in the season and we must sit you out.  Think of this as a Ginger Protocol to prevent soul leakage after a feeding.  Luckily, the protocol never had to be enacted.

If Coach had to sum up the match…Christman hit her game.  Much like Church’s game, Christman’s game is neither overpowering or fancy.  It simply gets the job done when talent is in line with each of the players.  Unlike Church, Christman did not have a breakthrough 1st set.

On serve all the through the first 10 games, Christman won the 11th game to stay of serve.  Up 6-5, both believed the set to be over.  Not yet young one.  You must win by two Coach said.  So off they went back to play what was in hope to be the last game of the set.  With the Ging serving – and Coach must interrupt here.  Ging had an impressive inside out serve, meaning, instead of hitting up and through to the outside of the ball causing it to bounce slight to right upon impact with the court, Ging flowed the other way totally flipping the side the ball would bounce on impact.  Coach and Wesney both commented on how unique it was at this level of play.  With the Ging serving, Caroline had already positioned herself on court to return the funky and effective serve.  Returned into the net.  15 love.  Second serve, Caroline returns it deep, Ging hits it back, Caroline scrambles hitting it back short, Ging pushes her shot into the net.  15 all.  Three more points would do it.  Caroline breaks the Lady Falcon to win the first set 7-5.

Tired, but strangely energized, Caroline faced off once more for the second set.  This set was no easier.  Maintaining her hitting and control, Caroline traded with the bigger hitter throughout the second set.  Once more, everyone stayed on serve.  6-6, a tiebreaker.  The Lady Falcon was exhausted.  Caroline too, but the Cowgirls maintained her shots better than the Lady Falcon.  Up 3 match points at 6-4, Caroline hit it into the net on the return of serve.  6-5.  Caroline’s serve….long rally, lots more running…7-5 in the tiebreaker.  Caroline prevails.

Court 6.  Bella has a beautiful game.  Her short game is precise, though not powerful.  Her long game is under development.  She drew a wall of a player.  Within the first four games, Bella’s opponent tried her game and power.  Bella was solid enough to return most of the shots back.  Without excellent footwork, the Lady Falcon opted for a more passive game trying to outlast Bella.  Bella too tried a more powerful game which the Lady Falcon mitigated in short form.  *Ding, Ding Ding* Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s get ready to rumble!”

It was long.  The points were long, the sets longer.  Running feet, set, ready, hit the ball, run back to home position.  This was happening on both sides of the net.  Though the shots were not fast compared to the top courts, the play was lively and plenty fast for the two ladies playing on court 6.  Bella would cut the ball short, the Lady Falcon would cover, both retreating back to cover the court.  At 5 all, Bella finally broke and held to take the first set.  Clearly the running had taken its toll on the Lady Falcon.  Bella, of Basketball notoriety, was tired, but still had energy left to run even more.

Ther was no real 2nd set bump for the Lady Falcon.  She continued her game, but the shots were shorter…lower.  Bella took this as an invitation to run up the meet the ball and play it beyond the reach of the Lady Falcon.  Though the SEG player tried, she could only earn three games from the second set as Bella prevails 7-5, 6-3.


Tied going into doubles.

What a match!

Dubs will go (read) quicker.

McGinnis/McKnight drew the #1 and #4.  #1 was quality.  #4 had the opportunity, but what did she do?  After losing to Church, she turned on a entirely different game out of the gate.


McGinnis and McKnight’s nets were good and the lobs well planned, but the Lady Falcons had the power and kept pummeling the Cowgirls both at the net and with well angled cross court shots.  This plus the slight inconsistencies of the Cowgirls, SEG takes court Dubs 1 8-3.

Dee and Church paired for Court 2.  Playing the Sisters, Kennedy and Jordan, though the Cowgirls were active at the net and ran down nearly everything hit to the baseline (and to note – their crosscourts were as good as could be from the Cowgirls), the sisters owned the mid court, punishing all short balls and pushed their advantage into a victory.  2-8.

Christman and Johnson drew the Ging and #6 Falcon.  Apparently, when souls are up for grabs, these two do not leave loose ends.  Ahead from the beginning, both the Cowgirls were able to cover the net well, forming a wall of shorts from the deeper, more troubling baseline shots.  Keeping the ball from the #5, the Cowgirls were able to control flow of the points eventually winning the match (and keeping their souls safe) 8-3.


Coach was happy with tonight’s play.  Yes, an overall win would have been keen.  The Cowgirls left nothing on the table in their respective matches.  They all played well to exceedingly well.  They hit their shots and made progress wither in points or in games.  The Lady Falcons of SEG earned tonight’s win.  They were the deeper team.  The Cowgirls simply played to their potential.  Coupled with the rain holding off, tonight’s play made Coach’s heart grateful and satisfied of the play given.  Coach signs off from his commentary at 11:20pm.

Goodnight Cowboy Nation.

Anuluck  Nhouvanisvong (SEG) over Anna McGinnis (SW) # 6-2, 6-3

Kennedy Penn (SEG) over Evelyn McKnight (SW) # 6-3, 6-1

Jordan Penn (SEG) over Rachael Dee (SW) # 6-0,6-0

Caroline Church (SW) over Trinitee Covington (SEG) # 6-1, 7-5

Caroline Christman (SW) over Allysen

Hardie (SEG) # 7-5, 7-6(5)

Bella Johnson (SW) over Cassie Huffschmitt

(SEG) # 7-5, 6-3



Nhouvanisvong and Covington (SEG) over McGinnis and McKnight # 8-3

Penn and Penn (SEG) over Dee and Church (SW) # 8-2

Christman and Johnson (SW) Over Hardie and Huffschmitt (SEG) 8-3


Cowgirls lose a close one 4-5.

Special props to SEG for their quality win


Cowgirls fall to 1-3 in conference and 4-5 overall