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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Womens Varsity Tennis

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

9.0 months ago @ 12:12AM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Parkland HS School

Game Date
Sep 6, 2023

September 6, 2023

Tonight, you will read about some of the less heralded Cowgirls.  Though of quality nature and hitting, they are often overshadowed by the top 6 brethren.

The Cowgirls hosted the Lady Mustangs of Parkland.  Parkland, once a part of our 3A conference a few years ago, is coached by the incomparable Dana Johnson. 

No, the Mustangs didn’t bring a large team.  In fact, today they traveled with 4 players. No, the rest of the players were enjoying a game of hide and seek, this was their team.  On the courts, they gave it their all.

Trinity Edwards, senior, took to the courts as #1 Cowgirl tonight.  Though still developing, Trinity offered a game that had consistent shots with some power allowing for a bit of pressure from the baseline and decent movement back and forth.  Through the first 4 games, both ladies held their serves.  The Mustang kept the pressure on with a nice forehand complete with a good spin.  Unfortunately for the Cowgirl, this kept Trinity on her heels at or beyond the baseline.  Despite this, Trinity kept the ball in play, but at this distance, Trinity’s hitting prowess was undermined causing shorter shots and allowing for greater angles to be hit against her.  Though Trinity was unable to win another game, she was in 3 more deuces in separate games, twice on serve, before falling to a talented Mustang 2-8.

Keri McFeeley (also senior) drew #2 tonight.  Keri was deep into her game from the get-go.  Using her run and hitting as her weapon, Kery was able to cover the court well from her opponent’s shots forcing the shot opportunity back on the Mustang.  Lengthening most all rallies in this manner allowed Keri to take control of the points which she parlayed into an 8 game run, breaking her opponent 4 times in the process, and ultimately taking the match 8-0.

Bindu Bachupalli, Sophomore, took her game to court 3.  Playing another newbie like herself, the play was fairly equal down the line.  Taking 3 games each to find their hitting game for tonight, Bindu broke the Mustang in the 7th game with slightly deeper shots.  In tennis, it doesn’t always take a herculean effort to overcome similar game players, rather, a difference of inches ensues.  Bindo pushed her balls a foot or more deeper on the rallies.  This was enough to edge her opponents shots returns and in doing so, sealed the match to her favor.  8-3.

Lamari Peele, Jr, was on court 4.  Lamri is a brand-new player with limited hitting experience.  So too was her opponent tonight.  Short of court 1, this was the most lively of the 4 singles courts played this evening.  Rallies neared 4 to 5 shots…most every point.  Yes, this was also the longest match of the night.  Though the direction of the shots were sometimes suspect, both ladies did their best to continue the rallies.  Through mid point of the match, play was very even.  Though heat was still an issue, Lamari began distancing her play by maintaining a higher consistency rate from her opponent.  By getting the ball back over one more time, it was enough to break the Mustang’s serve and grant Lamari the win 8-5.


Dubs saw a new line-up of Cowgirls to face off against the Mustangs.

Evie Wesney/Elena Perko took to the court as #1 dubs tonight.  This duo has played several matches together, some varsity, most in scrimmage.  Their strengths are net play and lobs over the net player with an occasional rocket at in an attempt to go past the net person.  But tonight, Coach had other plans.

When playing against a much better opponent, it is important to not just “survive.” Rather, pick one aspect of your game, a shot, a shot sequence, and really drive that home.  If you can do it against a better player, this should be something you maintain in your current shot arsenal.  If the roles are reversed, go through your shots, and continue to better them.  If a corner shot, make sure you can hit the corner during a match multiple times in a row.  If a serve, ditto.    If even…play until a weakness is exposed and go after it with all your might.

Tonight, was advantage Cowgirls.  We were the stronger team.  Coach asked them to work on cross courts through the first 2 returns of serves, down the line when opportunity arose, lobs as their opponents came to the net, and net play by cutting off the angles.  Did it work?  It did in part.  No lobs were completed due to the two back formation of the Mustangs.  Crosscourts began well but eroded to down the middle of the court.  This is a common default of shot takers everywhere.  Net play…this is where the Cowgirls shined. 

Even though the crosscourts didn’t hit the alleys, they were sufficient enough to keep the net player from encroaching upon their returns forcing the partner at the baseline to take the brunt of a majority of the shots delivered.  As the baseline player moved, the Cowgirls did to in prep at the net and were able to volley many of the shots back, nearly half back into open territory away from their opponent’s reach.  What shots their net play did not win, they won with solid hitting from the baseline and approach shots.  Though close at first, the Cowgirls pulled away 8-3 to finish.

So too for Court 2 dubs of Nicole Blue and Mahi Patel.  Consistency was the key here.  Though short in their game, these two Cowgirls were able to keep at bay the Mustangs charge throughout the pro 8 set.  Only allowing their opponents 1 game earned on serve, the Cowgirls rallied strong throughout the points, keeping their opponents on their back heels and just out of optimal range for return hits.  Ncole was instrumental in keep the balls back deep and through a variety of volleys from mid court.  Mahi kept the pressure on but simply getting the ball back one more time.  The Cowgirls finish up tonight 8-1.



Chembia Vannathirayan (P) over Trinity Edwards (SW) 


Keri McFeely (SW) over Chiclesaa Oprauozic (P)


Bindu Bachupalli (SW) over Ailisa Roldan (P) 


Lamari Peele (SW) over Nabria Worthy (P) 


No mustang at 5 and 6


Evie Wesney/Elena Perko (SW) over Vannathirayen/Opranozic (P) 


Nicole Blue/Mahi Patel (SW) over Roldan/Worthy (P) 


No mustang dubs for #3


Parkland was only able to field 4 players for tonight's match.  No matter, the lady mustangs played with heart and continued their tennis development under the direction of coach Dana Johnson.  Special props to lady mustang #1 for her win over the Cowgirl opponent.  


Cowgirls took the win tonight 8-1


They rise to 5-6 on the season and remain 1-4 in conference.


Cowgirls travel to Ragsdale tomorrow for conf action.