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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Womens Varsity Tennis

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

9.0 months ago @ 9:49PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Page HS School

Game Date
Sep 13, 2023

Sept 13, 2023

If this were golf, tonight would signify the back nine for the Cowgirls.  Unlike our gridiron brethren, Tennis plays each team twice.  Tonight, we hosted the lady Pirates of Page.

If you remember the first conference write up of the season, the match did no go our way.  But there was promise.  Now half way through our season, Coach was telling the ladies, our games have matured.  Silly mistakes have given way to shot selection and execution.  Games continue to grow and shots learned, but the bulk of the short growth has ended.

This is not to say we didn’t give ‘em heck when we could. No!

The Lady Pirates are quality, both on and off the court.  Their coach, the handsome and debonair Hogwood has done an outstanding job with the talent he has.  More so, he extends the culture of humility and grace throughout his team.  It shows.

Court 1, ½ of last year’s state runner up in dubs, gave no quarter to Anna in her route of the Cowgirl.  The Pirate has sealed up the loose ends which allowed Anna to have hope last match.  She will make a fine run into states this year.  This is not to minimize Anna’s efforts.  She was all over that court, but Anjali was too good for her today.  Well played Ms. Tatini.

Evelyn was able to play her new shots of spin/consistency to great effect of lengthening out the points.  Though not enough to take games, her shots were enough to stay in each point.  The young freshy was still too much for Evelyn’s developing game.  Give her the off season of refinement, a few dents are sure to be expected in the armor of her opponents next season.

From here down, the Pirates had turnover at the talent spots.

Prev #3 moved down to 4, 4 to 5 all of this pushing their talent deeper.  Bella saw a new face on court 6.

So…Rachael played a better version of the talent that edged her last time, and she did very well.  Improving on her game grabs through deeper topspin shots, excellent movement to the net, and a new confidence in her volleys and short game, Rachael was able to put pressure on her opponent and remove her from her power game.  Points were longer.  Play was better.  Rachael’s game is catching traction.

Church played Rachael’s girl from last time.  Ms. Mary Cox was no slouch.  She was a regional qualifier last season from our conference.  With very good range on both forehand/backhand sides and the ability to close off the net, there was little Caroline could do to force a point.  If Caroline could keep it deep and in play, Caroline had a chance.  Unfortunately, Mary was able to cut that opportunity down as the match continued.  Caroline continued to run and return throughout the match.  Mary just had her number tonight.  Good fighting Caroline.

Christman played Church’s girl from last time.  Ms. Herrick was a delight! Battled as they did in the games, the conv from the bench between games was light and jovial.  Christman bettered her play from the first time as did all the Cowgirls tonight.  The best of Caroline tonight included longer rallies, more confident strokes, and a good return of serve (Which will come up again in dubs).  Ms Herrick won, but Caroline really showed her improved step, shots, and mental game tonight against a formidable opponent. 

Bella, playing Ms Pyrtle, had little in the first set to do battle against her opponent.  Bella’s serves were good.  Bella’s shots were longer.  Bella’s running was fast.  Ms Pyrtle was just a step (or two) above the Cowgirl for tonight.  Coach chatted with Bella before the second set.  Change it up!  Lift the balls, and push them deeper.  Get her out of her comfort zone.  And she did just that.  Though the score tonight on all of the courts did not match the ferocity of the play represented, Bella held her own, forcing longer rallies and at times, making Ms. Pyrtle abandon her power game to hit Bella’s ball.  Bella was the last court off tonight…a testament to her ability to stay in every point possible.  Well played Bella.

With singles over, the Cowgirls swapped around their normal dubs partners to help fill in the opportunity gaps of the existing partners.  No, no one was playing badly, rather, what other magic could be unearthed if different skills melded together on the courts.  Apparently, coaches have to be good at Chemistry to coach a sport. 

Coach Hogwood, having won the match, allowed some lower seeds to fill in for dubs.  Do not think this is charity from the Pirate Coach.  As explained before, the first time, play full up.  The second time allows for opportunity of lower seeds to show their mettle.  Tonight was a good match up across all the dubs courts.

Anna and Church took to court 1. Play was lively.  The shot of the court was the vastly improved cross court shots.  Consistency was way up.  This, coupled with the net play from both Cowgirls, allowed for a close match tonight.  The Cowgirls broke early and once more by the end of the pro 8 taking dubs 1 8-5.

Evelyn and Christman took to court 2.  Court 2 allowed for a slightly slower ball which allowed both Cowgirls to find a better rhythm quicker.  Out of the gate they showed a consistency better than the Pirates.  With Evelyn’s harder spin shots (and if you are wondering, yes, the two handed backhand was more of a staple tonight than in games past) and Christman’s placement, the Cowgirls differentiated play was enough to take court 2 8-3.

Rachael and Bella partnered on court 3.  Though taking an early lead on serve, the Pirates closed down the net and literally got to every single overhead off of net play the Cowgirls were able to press upon them.  The Cowgirls still impressed with good cross court shots and net play, but the Pirates had an answer to every shot delivered.  Unfortunately, the Cowgirls came up short on court 3.   There was still hope and promise in the meshing of these two playing styles.  One that will have it’s day in tomorrow’s play. 

Until tomorrow’s match write up.  Good night.



Anjali Tatini (P) over. Anna McGinnis.(SW) 6-0, 6-0

Sophie Wilkerson (P) over Evelyn McKnight (SW) 6–0, 6–0

Hattie Sloyan (P) over Rachael Dee (S W) 6– 1,6–2 

Mary Cox(P) over Caroline Church (SW) 6-1,6-0

Maddie Herrick (P) over Caroline Christman (SW) 6–1, 6–1

Emma Pyrtle (P) over Bella , Johnson (SW) 6–1, 6-1


McGinnis/Church (SW) over Sullivan Edmonds/Maggie Hu (P) 8–5

McKnight/Christman (SW) over Zara Goolsby/Emmy Speight(P) 8–3

Ashby Gansman/Molly Lovvorn (P) over Dee/Johnson (SW) 8–2


The cowgirls forward to six and eight, overall two and six in the conference. The cowgirls will host the lady bison of High Point Central Tennis tomorrow at home.