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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

5.0 months ago @ 9:12PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. HS Point Central HS School

Game Date
Sep 14, 2023

Sept 14, 2023

Cowgirls over the Lady Bison of HPC 7-2 in non conf tennis action


Having won against the bison previously, Coach decided to shift the Cowgirls up to allow for better competition.

Coach ended up sitting McGinnis and Church in singles and the dubs teams of Dee/Johnson and McKnight/Christman allowing others to take their shot at a varsity match tonight.  Don’t worry, the dubs experiment we began last night v Page will continue against Western when the Cowgirls play host.

From the bottom up….

Keri McFeeley took charge of her match from the beginning.  Playing a longer ball closer to the baseline and good court movement was enough to overcome the Lady Bison on court 6.

Evie Wesney ended up playing the same young Bison she had played earlier in the season.  Coach apparently didn’t read the names close enough when setting the singles line-up.  The Bison, still as sweet as ever had improved her shots, not able to better rally and serve tonight.  Still, Evie kept her shots under control and playing a deeper ball than her opponent, also overcame the lady bison.

Bella jumped to court 4 tonight.  Her opponent Hannah had a solid return and could challenge Bella through the first 4+ shots with a few good angles as a bonus.  Kudos to the Bison there.  Keeping Bella at bay initially, Bella quickly began lifting her shots and playing a deeper ball.  With that said, she began edging her opponent in each game and on most shots.  Once more, the Lady Bison had improved.  Bella kept her back and out of contention for most points.

Christman played 3rd court tonight.  The Lady Bison played Christman well.  Keeping her back with longer shots and running to ALL shots that Caroline hit, the rallies were longer than expected.  The running was key keeping the Lady Bison in the points.  Caroline couldn’t just hit them long and in, rather, had to outplay her opponent.  The match took a bit longer but Caroline found her path and finished the job.

Rachael jumped to court 2 tonight.  With her newfound bigger hitting spin, she couldn’t be baited by a slower ball and was able to hit out on most shots.  Mindful to keep the ball in play, Rachael was relaxed in her serves and follow up shots which oftentimes came back just a tad short, allowing Rachael to one two punch her shots pushing her opponent back and negating the Bison’s returns.  Thought the rallies were at times longer, Rachael was able to push her game on the lady Bison who did not have the answers tonight.  Rachael takes the win on 2.

Evelyn had the toughest match of the night.  A long match to boot which did her no favors.  Mallory Cook, long time #1 for Central is a consistent hitter with good shots and crosscourt shots.  Quickly finding her game, the Bison methodically played Evelyn while she scrambled to find her footing.  A break was all it took for Mallory to take the first set. 

Set two was different.  Now Evelyn had found her shots and comfort for the level of spin needed to play Mallory shot for shot.  Going up initially as much as 4-1, Mallory once more began to fight her way back.  Taking a break back and only trailing by a game, Evelyn managed to shut that door and force a third set tiebreak. 

Up once more 4-1, Evelyn began to fade.  Apparently, pizza for lunch and only Cheetos as a snack prior to the match does little for long term energy.  Lesson Learned.  As Evelyn’s play faded, Mallory’s play remained consistent as it always does.  The Bison edged the Cowgirl on court 1 tonight. 

Courts 1 and 2 are much different in the quality of the opponent one expects to face off against.

Congrats again Mallory.


Having taken the match 5-1 after singles, Coach only opted to bring McGinnis/Church into the duibs line up and allow others to play up.

Court 3

Bindu Bachupalli and Mahi Patel teamed up against a newer dubs team from the Bison.  The Cowgils had the advantage from the beginning.  With deeper shots and their ability to keep the ball in play, the Bison had a harder time influencing the respective points throughout.  The Cowgirls take the win on dubs court 3.

Nicole Blue and Lamari Peele had a harder time of it tonight.  Bison 3/4 were greatly improved as witnessed in their singles play.  Together, they were a formidable team.  Hitting just outside the comfort level of the Cowgirls, both Blue and Peele had difficulty with the faster ball and finding the best place to prep on the court.  Though hitting what they could, they couldn’t stave off the Bison’s attack.  We will improve ladies.

McGinnis/Church had little difficulty against the #1 Bison dubs team.  Losing only one game in the pro-8, the Cowgirls maintained control of most rallies and shot exchanges.  With their ability to hit a mean crosscourt and to keep the ball out of the hands of the Bison net player, they were able to force their will against the Bison and take the game on court 1. 


Mallory Cook (HPC) over Evelyn McKnight 6–4, 4–6, 1–0 (10–4)

Rachael Dee (SW) over Jillian Turner (HPC) 6–0, 6–0

Caroline Christman (FW) over Reagan Bonsall(HPC) 6–1, 6–0

Bella Johnson (SW) over Hanna Southerby (HPC) 6–0, 6–1

Evie Wesney (FW) over Raegan Hagerman (HPC) 6–0, 6-0

Keri Mcfeeley (SW) over Patame Be(HPC) 6–0, 6–2


Anna McGinnis/Caroline Church (FW) over Cook/Turner (HPC), 8–1

Bonsall/Southerby (HPC) over Nicole Blue/Lamari Peele (SW) 8–2

Bindu Bachupalli/Mahi Patel (SW) over Hadassah Evans/Shifa Khan (HPC) 8-2 


The lady bison were much improved after the first meeting between these two teams. Kudos to Mallory Cook for persevering in three sets to take out the cowgirl.  It was a splendid match.


Cowgirls rise to 7–8 overall and remain 2–6 and conference play. The cowgirls will host Western Guilford on Monday