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Cowboys Athletics

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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Womens Varsity Tennis

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

9.0 months ago @ 10:11PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Ragsdale HS School

Game Date
Oct 2, 2023

Oct 2, 2023

Cowgirls over the Lady Tigers of Ragsdale 8-1 in conf tennis action


We enter the final week of Conf play.

Ragsdale tonight.  NWG on Thursday.


Ask any coach.  A season is both the longest and shortest stretch of time of the year.  Long enough at times to see true growth happen.  Short enough that the players and coaches do not turn on each other and it becomes a real-life example of Lord of the Flies.

Fall tennis draws to a close.  10 weeks from beginning to conference week with postseason possibility.  New faces appear.  Returners help pass down traditions while they strive to reach their potential.  A temporary family is made.  Safety and security with the newly known (Think Maslow) hopefully blossoms into growth upon growth.

Tonight, was senior night.  But not really.  Pre-covid Coach opted to separate Senior Night from normal play as a way to better invest in and extoll the virtues of those playing their last season as a Cowgirl.  But this was our last home stand…and the seniors went out with a roar.

Underclassmen first.

Anna McGinnis took a bit to find her footing.  Knocking, but never able to take the lead in the 1st set, Anna drops the first set 5-7.  She was now on a mission.  As a devoted reader, you have heard Coach speak of the 2nd set bump.  Today was a perfect example of just that expression.  Anna came out swinging.  Everything was crisp.  Her forehands, backhands, serves, volley (incredible approach and volley)…even the air became cooler and crisper from the amount of energy she was drawing in to play at her level…or maybe that was just the fall air encroaching….but let’s give credit to Anna for this item. 

Allowing only one hold of serve in the second set, Anna ran it out 6-1.  A third set tiebreak.  Though a small rally was initiated, Anna closed out this story 10-5 in the third taking the match in three.

Ragsdale 1 and 2 swapped positions since last time.  As such, Evelyn was playing the previous #1.  Though solid in her play last time out, Eveyln had grown in her skills, cleaned up her forehand and backhand play, as well as developed a slice ship to stave off shorter balls and continue the points.  This she did tonight.  Down 5-6 after very close 1st set play, Evelyn managed to hold and break to even it out 6 all to force a tiebreaker.  Calm and collected, Evelyn continued hitting her shots . 






7-4 and the first set was hers.  The second set saw a let down of the Tigers play.  Still nursing an injury, the Tiger held as best she could, but Evelyn had already taken out the wind from her sails as the Cowgirl cruises to a 6-1 second set and match victory.

Excellent growth from the freshman.


Bella Johnson had an easier time on court 5.  Taking charge from the beginning, this Junior immediately began the offense.  Pushing and drawing her opponent our with her angled shots, Bella takes the win 0 and 0.


Keri McFeeley began on court 6 almost from the getgo.  Keri was well on her way for a easy win when her opponent tripped up and fell on the court.  Both Coaches were worried, but the Tiger got up, brushed herself off and began playing again.  It was only after another game or two when the Tiger paused and voiced a concern that she could no longer close her non racket hand.  This is bad.  Elana (The trainer) was called.  Most likely a sprain, but to make sure, ice and rest.  Keri takes court 6 3-0, WO – injury.

Caroline Church played a much-improved court 4 Lady Tiger.  Sitting out last time to offer lower seeds the chance to play up, Caroline worked her magic tonight, moving her opponent left and right while covering the shorter balls.  She quickly went up in the score and won the first set outright 6-1.  Apparently it took Church’s opponent a set to warm up.  Coach feels this in his heart having the same issue on more than a few courts in his tenure.  The Lady Tiger began to rally well.  Shots deeper.  Short balls shorter…and those legs kept running to everything.  Again, a second set bump realized.  Caroline had to dig deeper…and deeper still to keep pace with the Tiger.  Playing well beyond her means from the two times Coach had seen her play, the Tiger made our Cowgirl work for it.  Still on serve after 11 games, Caroline ran, ran, and ran some more, ultimately evening it at 30 all on the Tiger’s service game.  A long rally, 30-40 (server calls the score from their POV – 30-40 means Caroline was up).  Fighting from down a game/match point, the rally was once again long with great corners hit as well as back and forth from shorter and longer balls executed, but it was the Cowgirl who came out on top.  6-1, 7-5.  Kudos to the Lady Tiger’s run.  Kudos to Caroline for holding back the challenger.

The last singles senior of the evening was Rachael.  Rachael narrowly lost to this Tiger the first time the teams played and she wanted to even the score.  Beginning strong, Rachael did well hitting her newly developed heavier topspin and her approach slice.  Still on serve after the first 7 games, Rachael could find no weakness in her play.  The Tiger ran down everything Rachael put over.  Her consistency was just too much.  A break and a hold, first set goes to the Tiger. 

Rachael raised her game.  She hit out more on the ball sending the balls deeper.  Rachael’s slice was working well, but the darn Tiger kept moving her feet so well returning near everything.  Between her footwork and her consistency, the Tiger could do little wrong.  Rachael’s fight was fierce, but she couldn’t overcome the Tiger tonight.  Coach will comment in this, Rachael’s game tonight is a far cry better than the game she had midseason.  This to Rachael’s credit of her work ethic and determination.  Keep it up Rachael!


#6 was out.  What wasn’t discussed earlier in singles was there was a substitution on court 5.  Court 5 Tiger had to W/D prior to singles beginning.  Having only 7 ladies, #7 became #6.  If you remember from above, #6 had to W/D due to her hand/wrist.  Doubles requires two people.  Unlike basketball (where you can begin with only 4 players), you cannot begin with less than a twosome in dubs.  That would be called Canadian dubs….which unlike their Maple Syrup, Canadian dubs isn’t a real thing. 

#3 dubs was out for the Tigers.  The Senior Night for seniors Trinity Edwards and Nicole Blue playing dubs court #3…well…congratulations for Edwards and Blue on their defeat of the Tigers on court 3.  It may have looked touch and go at the beginning, but once the Tigers did not field a team for dubs court 3, these two Cowgirls had the opportunity to leave early for the evening while still securing a victory for themselves and their team.

Anna has opted to play singles in the conference tourney.  As such, Coach opted to sit her for tonight to allow McKnight / Church the chance to continue as #1 dubs and Rachael and Christman the same for dubs court 2. 

Dee/Christman found their path within the first 5 games of the match.  On serve through this time, the Cowgirls held and broke their opponents on their way of a 5 game streak, taking the Tigers out of true contention for the rest of the match.  Rallies were spirited and the net play sound as the Cowgirls edged their opponents at every turn.  A solid win from the Cowgirls.

McKnight/Church were on serve throughout most of the 8 game pro set.  Though both sides showed strength, neither side could do much in terms of dominating the other side.  This just means the play was even and required a bit of magic….or attrition from the opposing side, whichever came first.

Both sides exhibited good returns, well meaning lifts over the net person, and great baseline action.  Always just behind the Tigers (they began serve first), these two teams held their service games 8 times each.  Yes, it was a close match in terms of skill on the court.  Drawing to 8 all, the Cowgirls forced a tiebreaker.  Up at 4-2, the Cowgirls only continued to pull away from the Tigers.  The Cowgirls continued to push forward, limiting mistakes, and took the match 7-4 in the tiebreaker. 

It was a good night.


Anna McGinnis (SWG) over Ella, Perez (R) 5–7, 6–1, 1–0, (10–5)

Evelyn McKnight (SW) over Cameryn Wrighte (R) 7–6, 6–1

Claudia Brewer (R) over Rachael Dee (SWG) 6–3, 6–3

Caroline Church (SWG) over Emma, Hansen (R) 6–1, 7–5

Bella Johnson (SWG) over Bailey Glasgow (R) 6–0, 6–0

Keri Mcfeeley (SW) over Alexis Gray (R) 3–0, walkoff illness


McKnight/Church (SW), over Perez/wright (R) 9–8 (7–4)

Dee/Christman (SW)over Brewer/Hanson (R) 8–3

Trinity Edwards/Nicole Blue (SW) over Glasgow/Gray (R) withdrawal due to injury


The cowgirls rise to 10-11 overall and 4–9 in the conference.


The cowgirls will travel to Northwest to take on the lady Vikings on Thursday.


Metro 4a conference tournament will begin Monday, October 9 at 3 PM at N.W. Guilford, tennis courts