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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

7.0 months ago @ 9:46PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Northwest Guilford HS School

Game Date
Oct 5, 2023

Oct 5 2023

Cowgirls lose to a talented lot from NWG 0-9.

“Was it close?” you may ask.  And the answer is yes.  Closer than the score overall and the score individually implies.

The Cowgirls finish out the season 4-9 in conference and 10-12 overall.  Though not stellar, it is indicative of our rebuilding year….in this conference most likely a multi year endeavor.  Don’t worry, Coach has been recruiting from the other schools and chatting up the parents of those players appropriately. 

As mentioned before, Tennis is not linear in its return on time and effort investment.  Yes, still, progress can be seen.  

Anna’s opponent had stepped up her game since last time these two played.  Anna was able to get the better of the Lady Viking in the first play of the season.  The Viking evened out the series with impressive hitting.  Anna, multiple times, in multiple games, had the Viking left to right, but we are finding out our finishing game needs a bit more polishing.  We have a focus for the off season.  This is a positive.

Evelyn battled hard, but the Viking @2 had all the shots.  Deeper with better spin…In short, Evelyn had never played the likes of her game before.  Evelyn lengthened out the rallies in the second set after a chat with Coach.  As you have read previously, Evelyn is doing really really well being dropped into #2 spot on the roster with limited playing experience previously….and she will only get better in the off season.

Rachael hit every corner and line available.  She moved better than she ever had.  Her shots were as crisp as the first bite into a fresh picked apple from the foothills in Fall.  Her hitting will only continue to grow to match her effort as the years move on.  As told during senior night, Rachael’s shots have developed so well since mid season.  Her game has changed dramatically embracing a bigger hit with more spin and of course her approach slice.  Coach will greatly miss her court development as she takes leave of the ranch.

Church hit against a spitfire of a Viking.  Her opponent had all the shots the first set allowing Caroline only one game the first set.  But Caroline never gave up.  As told to her tonight in front of the team, throughout the entire season, Caroline has dogmatically gone after everything thrown at her….when her legs are fresh and when fatigued after many games played.  Though it didn’t turn it into a win, it did move the needle greatly in the second set where Caroline’s mindset, running ability, and deft shots from the baseline challenges her opponent throughout taking the score to 5-all before barely missing out on a hold of serve.  Well done Church.  Coach will sorely miss your never say die mentality.

Christman also improved in the second set against a steady opponent.  Unable to settle in to a viable rhythm tonight due to her opponent’s random, bigger shots, Caroline began to push into the corners a bit more with her shot selection.  Once more, rallies became longer.  Caroline did not froo froo a shot throughout, rather, hit with purpose and direction.  This is a great starting point for the off season.

Bella’s opponent had dialed in a serve from last play.  This helped tilt the table to her favor greatly.  Bella fought and ran valiantly but couldn’t match the new found game overflowing on the other side of the net.  The focus tonight was not to get mired down in self-pity rather focus on the two shots she could effect change upon.  And Bella did just that.  She began hitting more so to the sides and corners in an effort to stretch her opponent thinner on coverage.  Though the game score didn’t move, Bella was able to lengthen out the points and felt less a victim than a participant of the game. 


The Cowgirls lost in singles, but improvements of mental game, ply and shot selection was evident to the thousands in attendance at the courts tonight.


Doubles fared well, but the Vikings were simply stronger down the line.  Church showed strength both at the net and her baseline shots.  Evelyn provided sparks aplenty in gameplay.  Rachael was the consistent and big hitter of the night for dubs.  She and Christman balanced well together in their play tonight.  Playing up was Evie Wesney and Keri McFeeley at #3 dubs.  Lobs were better as too were the beeline shots across the net.  Consistency…it all comes down to consistency with the bigger hitters.


Thanks for following us this season.

Coach will send out an update for Conference play…possibly on Saturday after our seeding meeting and of course after the first day of play (Monday).


If you are reading this far down, you are truly a diehard fan.  Thank you.


Coach will begin a tennis ladder for SWG involving staff and the two tennis teams for a bit of evening fun and game development once season is over.  He hopes to do both a challenge ladder as well as a Quads night for spirited dubs play in the off seasons.  Expect an email or two in the near future.

Lastly, did you know that tennis dual team playoffs are now based (in part) on RPI?  Yeah, neither did coach…well at least to the extent of how it worked since our record of <cough cough> didn’t earn us the #3 in the conference.  In short, there may be a chance of a 1st rd playoff opportunity since the NCHSAA expanded out the number of teams eligible this year.  Coach will keep you informed of this as well because if we secure a bid, we will travel. 

Night all!


Hanna Gentel (NW) over (SW) Anna Mcginnis 6-2, 6-1

Renny Antony (NW) over (SW) Evelyn McKnight 6-0, 6-1

Valeria Paredes- Whalen (NW) over (SW) Rachael Dee 6-2, 6-2

Gina Byon (NW) over (SW) Caroline Church 6-1, 7-5

Cameron McCollum (NW) over (SW) Caroline Christman 6-0, 6-2

Angelena Esposito (NW) over (SW) Bella Johnson 6-2, 6-2

Atony/ Parades (NW) over (SW) McKnight/ Church 8-2

Byon/ Hasini Duttala (NW) over (SW) Dee/ Christman  8-2

Addison Bryant/ Cameron Barnes (NW) over (SW) Evie Wesney/ Keri McFeely 8-3


Cowgirls finish out the season 10–12 overall and 4–10 in the conference. 


The metro for a women's tennis conference tournament (2 day) will be played at Northwest Guilford beginning Monday at 3 PM.