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Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School


Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Cowboys Athletics

Southwest Guilford High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

5.0 years ago @ 9:34PM

Womens Varsity Tennis vs. Asheboro HS School

Game Date
Oct 3, 2018


October 3, 2018

Southwest Cowgirls over the Lady Comets of Asheboro in non-conference tennis action 7-2


Though we beat the Lady Comets in our first meeting, a lot of on court groth can occur over the course of a season.


Without our top Cowgirl due to illness Mehan stood in the gap at #1.  Lady Comet Pincus is quality. Taking Meghan the first time we played, Meghan had an uphill battle.  Having developed a better forehand in the meantime, Meghan took to the courts. Meghan hit everything she needed to hit.  Her corners were deep and fairly wide. Serves kept her opponent back. The forehand a definite win for tonight’s play. A couple of serve and volleys were successful, but Pincus got it back...almost everything back.  By the end, Meghan couldn’t maintain the consistency Pincus put forth. Pincus earned the first and only win for the Lady Comets in Singles.


Annie Bodin was just too much for the Lady Comet.  Annie’s firehand was on. Down the line, cross court, approach, inside out...The Lady Comet had only one answer for the numbers Annie put up tonight.  10-1 the outcome in favor of the Cowgirls.


Lanie also earned a win.  Her opponent hit a high, loopy shot through most of the match.  Lanie had a time getting it under control, but did just that on her way to a 10-3 victory.


Lauren also had a difficult opponent opposite her.  In all honesty, the Lady Comet hit harder than Lauren...Served harder than Lauren….but couldn’t find the court more than 5/7 times in a row.  Lauren, fighting the crud, held, maintained, consistently delivered the shots back and fought back a good opponents. 10-2.


The two most lively matches of the night belonged to Abigail and Gretchen.


Abigail had her girl left to right, but after the first game, forgot how to move.  It was almost like the earth reached up, through the courts, and grabbed both Abigail’s feet...but she didn’t scream in panic...rather, it was like an old friend coming to visit.  Moving sluggishly, Abigail began to shake off the roots in the final stretch and edged her opponent 10-5.


Gretchen originally lost to her opponent Ms Shipley during our first contest at home 9-11.  It was an incredible match, both in terms of play and temperature. Today began like the last.  Up 2-1, Gretchen played her game, but the ball simply didn’t find the other side of the court. 2-3.  Regaining her fire once more, Gretchen delivered on her serve and broke her opponent’s serve. 4-3. Finding her angles, Gretchen stretched Ms Shipley along the baseline forcing shorter balls in return that Gretchen was able to capitalize on with swift foot movement and excellent hitting.

In the end, her hard word was rewarded...10-6.


5-1 after singles.



Alethea Yu/Johaina Apolinario


2 wins and 1 loss.


Suffering from weaker talent down low, and the Cowgirls with talent aplenty in the middle ranks, Yu/Apolinario played smart tennis, moving the ball well and executing plays taking the win 8-2.


Bodin/Cook played well tonight.  They survived a very hard hitting opponent, but not too consistent.  Simply biding their time, hitting their dubs alleys and deep corners, they were able to overcome the Lady Comets 8-1.


Whalen and Cross didn’t fare so well in dubs.  Hitting excellent tennis, Pincus was a force and a half tonight.  Moving well, covering the net and backcourt like few others, she could do little wrong.  Her teammate, Ms Shipley, played well and contributed from the baseline and limited net. Though a team, Pincus was the main draw for tonight.  Meghan and Gretchen found many of their marks. But were not able to advance their game as they did last time. Dropping their match instead of winning, they were simply outplayed tonight in an excellent evening of tennis.


Dubs 2-1


Cowgirls defeat the Asheboro Lady Comets 7-2.


Cowgirls rise to 16-2 overall and remain 4-2 in conference play.


Cowgirls will host the lady Falcons of Southeast on Thursday for their final match of the regular season


Overall 7-2 Cowgirls over the Lady Comets of Asheboro.



Angie Pincus (A) over Meghan Whalen (SW) 10-1

Gretchen Cross (SW) over Georgia Shipley (A) 10-6

Annie Boden (SW) over Loura Gomez (A) 10-1

Lanie Van Dorp (SW) over Sarah Post (A) 10-3

Lauren Cook (SW) over Ally Russel (A) 10-2

Abigail Lowe (SW) over Fatima Perez (A) 10-5


5-1 Cowgirls over Asheboro



Pincus/Shipley (A) over Whalen/Cross (SW) 8-2

Bodin/Cook (SW) over Russell/Lynn (A) 8-1

Yu/Apolinario (SW) over Post/Garcia (A) 8-2


2-1 singles


7-2 Cowgirls over the Lady Comets of Asheboro in non-conference tennis action